How to Turn off Notifications on Windows 10

Get rid of annoying alerts that interrupt your workflow

What to Know

  • Stop all notifications: Start > Settings > System > Notifications & actions and toggle off Get notifications from apps and other senders.
  • From specific apps: In the Notifications & actions window, scroll down to Get notifications from these senders and toggle off by app.
  • Use the Focus assist link under Notifications & actions to set additional rules, such as notification times.

This article outlines how to turn off Windows 10 notifications from your desktop that may come from downloaded apps or from browsers. You can choose to turn off notifications entirely, or just from certain apps.

How to Turn off All Notifications

If you want all notifications off, no matter where they come from, you can do this with just a few clicks.

  1. Select Start in the bottom left-hand corner of your desktop.

  2. Click Settings (looks like a gear).

    Windows 10 start menu with settings highlighted
  3. Click System.

    Settings menu showing the System option highlighted
  4. From the sidebar, select Notifications & actions.

    System settings highlighting the Notifications and Actions option
  5. Underneath Notifications, toggle off Get notifications from apps and other senders.

    Notifications and actions settings with the Notifications switch highlighted

How to Turn off Notifications From Specific Apps

If you don't want to turn off all notifications, but don't want to see any from certain apps, you can also do this from the Settings. Then, you can still get important notifications while avoiding ones irrelevant to you.

  1. Follow the steps above until you get to the Notifications & Actions window.

  2. Scroll down to Get notifications from these senders.

    Settings Notifications and Actions section with "Get notifications from these senders" highlighted
  3. You can scroll through all the apps currently sending notifications. For the ones you don't want to get notifications from, turn the switches beside them to Off.

    You can also sort apps by Most Recent or Name by clicking the Sort by dropdown box.

More Options for Turning off Notifications

In the Notifications & Actions settings, there are some more options you can choose to have off or on. These are just below the Notifications section and have checkboxes.

You can choose whether or not to show notifications on your lock screen, show reminders or incoming VoIP calls on the lock screen, allow notifications to play sound, and other options. To turn these off, just click on the checkmark box. Click again to turn them back on.

You will also see a link to Focus assist settings. Here, you can choose what times you want to get notifications. Follow these steps to use Focus assist settings.

  1. In the Notifications & Actions settings, click Focus assist.

    Notifications and actions screen with Focus Assist highlighted
  2. At the top, you can choose to either have focus assist off, use priority only, which shows you only notifications selected from the priority list, or hide all notifications except for alarms.

    Focus Assist settings options HIGHLIGHTED
  3. Underneath this, in the Automatic Rules section, you can choose to have certain notifications settings during certain times. To select a time frame where notifications are hidden or set to priority only, turn the switch next to During these times to On and select this option to choose what time this occurs.

    Focus Assist automatic rules settings with During These Times highlighted
  4. You can also choose notification settings specific to when you're duplicating your display, when you're playing a game, or when you're using an app in full-screen mode.

Notifications From Apps Still Showing Up?

If you find some apps are still giving you notifications, you may have to go into that particular app itself and change notification settings from within. You can usually find these options in the settings section of the app.

  • How do I turn off Facebook notifications on Windows 10?

    To disable Facebook notifications in Windows 10, navigate to Notifications & Actions. Scroll down until you see the Facebook app tag, then toggle off the slider.

  • How do I turn off Google Chrome notifications in Windows 10?

    To disable Chrome notifications in Windows 10, from a Chrome window, select Menu (three dots) > Settings > Privacy and Security > Site Settings. In the Permissions section, select Notifications to bring up the Chrome Notifications settings interface, where you can choose to allow or block site notifications.

  • How do I turn off Mail notifications in Windows 10?

    To turn off new message notifications in the Mail app, select File > Options > Mail. Under Message arrival, deselect the checkbox next to Display a Desktop Alert, and then select OK.

  • How do I disable YouTube notifications in Windows 10?

    To stop getting recommendations or notifications from channels you're subscribed to, go to, click your Google account icon, and select Settings > Notifications. Next to Your Preferences, toggle off the notifications you don't want.

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