How to Turn Off Night Mode on iPhone

Disable night mode temporarily or permanently

What to Know

  • Temporarily turn it off: Tap the Night Mode icon and then slide it to the left to Off. Night mode will reset to Auto next time you open the camera.
  • Disable Night Mode: Settings > Camera > Preserve Settings > Night Mode and toggle on the button.
  • In the Camera app, you can turn off Night Mode, and the app will remember the last setting of Night Mode.

This article provides instructions for turning Night Mode off on an iPhone camera, temporarily for individual pictures and permanently for all images until you decide to enable it again.

How Do I Turn On the iPhone Camera's Night Mode?

By default, the iPhone camera has a Night Mode that is automatically enabled. That's great until it's not. So, if you would like to temporarily or permanently disable Night Mode on your iPhone camera, you can do that as of iOS 15.

Before iOS 15, you could temporarily disable Night Mode on your iPhone camera, but it would reset automatically each time you opened your camera app. The iOS 15 release, however, includes the ability to turn Night Mode off entirely until you decide to re-enable it.

Here's how to permanently turn Night Mode off on your iPhone camera.

The option for Preserve Settings for Night Mode did not exist before iOS 15, so if you have an older iOS version, you'll need to disable Night Mode each time you want to turn it off.

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Tap Camera.

  3. Tap Preserve Settings.

  4. Tap Night Mode to ensure that it's toggled On (it will be green).

    Screenshots showing how to turn off Night Mode on the iPhone Camera app.

    It's a bit confusing at first since it seems like you are turning on Night Mode, but in this case, you are turning on the ability for the camera app to remember the last Night Mode setting.

  5. Now go back to the Camera app and tap the Night Mode icon.

  6. Slide the adjustment slider to the left to turn Night Mode Off.

    Screenshots that illustrate how to turn the Night Mode off on the iOS Camera App.

Now you can close your camera, and when you open it again, Night Mode will remain in the last state you left it, which, in this case, is Off. However, if you turn it back on again and then close the camera, it will be On when you open the Camera app the next time.

How to Temporarily Disable Night Mode on the iPhone Camera

If you want to turn the Night Mode camera off for one image, you can do that by going into the Camera app, tapping the Night Mode icon, and moving the adjustment slider to the Off position (far left). However, if you have followed the instructions above, you will preserve the settings for the Night Mode camera, and you'll need to turn it back on either before you close the camera app or the next time you open the camera app.

You can, however, go back into Settings > Camera > Preserve Settings and toggle the Night Mode option back to the Off position so that Night Mode will set to On/Automatic each time you open the Camera app if you choose.

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