How to Turn Off Meta (Oculus) Quest or Quest 2 Controllers

There's no off button, so just wait for them to shut off automatically

What to Know

  • There is no Off button.
  • The Touch Controllers will automatically turn off when not in use. Optionally, you could just remove the batteries.
  • Make sure you turn the Quest or Quest 2 off completely to put the controllers to sleep.

This article will teach you how to turn off your Meta Quest and Quest 2 controllers to save battery life when you aren’t using your virtual reality headset.

How to turn off Meta (Oculus) Quest or Quest 2 controllers

Turning off the Meta Quest or Quest 2 Touch Controllers isn’t hard because the controllers are designed to turn off on their own when you aren’t using them. This means you’ll never have to worry about whether or not you’ve turned the controllers off manually when you finish a session. Instead, you can simply set the controllers off to the side, away from button presses, and then go about your business.

Meta is so confident in the sleep function built into the Touch Controllers that the company hasn’t included an off button. Instead, the only way to ensure that your controllers are fully turned off is to remove the batteries. To do this, simply remove the back panel from the controllers and pop the batteries out.

However, this shouldn’t be an issue for the majority of users out there. Meta has designed the Quest and Quest 2 controllers to work similarly to a television remote. As such, the batteries should last a relatively long time.

  • How do I charge my Quest 2 controllers?

    Quest 2 controllers use regular AA batteries, so they aren't rechargeable like most other modern game controllers. You can, however, use rechargeable batteries instead of standard AAs. If you aren't using rechargeable batteries and your Quest 2 controller runs out of power you'll need to open the battery cover, remove the duds, and insert a fresh set.

  • How do I calibrate Quest 2 controllers?

    In the Oculus app select Menu > Controller > then choose the controller you want to calibrate under Paired Controllers. Select the three dots in the top right, then Recalibrate, and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process.

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