How to Turn Off Memories on iPhone (and Stop Those Pesky Notifications

You can disable entirely in Notifications or, in the Photos app, customize to remove certain people

What to Know

  • Settings > Notifications > Photos > Customize Notifications, tap Memories toggle to turn it off.
  • Customize: Albums > People, find person to block > ellipses (…) > select never feature this person
  • Disable all Photos app notifications: Settings > Notifications > Photos > tap Allow Notifications toggle. 

This article explains how to turn off memory notifications on an iPhone. There is no way to completely stop your iPhone from creating Memories slideshows, but you can edit or delete them after they've been generated.

How to Turn Off Photo Memories on Your iPhone

Memories is an iPhone feature enabled by default, so it will show up in your notifications from time to time. If you don’t want to receive notifications about old photos and videos you took years ago, you can disable this feature. It can be reenabled at any time as well, so you’re free to switch it off and on whenever you want.

The following instructions are for iOS 16 but also work in iOS 15. Earlier versions use a similar process, but you navigate to Settings > Notifications > Photos > Memories and toggle off Allow Notifications.

  1. Open Settings, and tap Notifications.

  2. Scroll down, and tap Photos.

  3. Scroll down for additional options.

    Notifications, Photos, and a down arrow in iPhone settings.

    Tap the Allow Notifications toggle on this screen if you prefer to to disable all notifications from the Photos app.

  4. Tap Customize Notifications.

  5. Tap the Memories toggle to turn it off.

  6. When the Memories toggle is gray, you will no longer receive memories notifications on your iPhone.

    Custom Notifications, Memories toggle, and Memories disabled in iPhone Photos notification customization.

What Are iPhone Photo Memories?

Memories is a feature that creates slideshows from photos and videos you previously saved to your camera roll. It uses machine learning to feature people, places, and events from your library, generate slideshows and set them to music. These memories are then presented in your notifications.

In addition to the automatically-generated slideshows, you can create your own Memories photo slideshows to share with friends and family. If you prefer to curate your own slideshows, you may want to disable the feature and then make your own from time to time.

Can You Block Just One Person From Memories?

If your primary reason to turn off memories is that it keeps showing pictures or videos of someone you don’t want to see anymore, you can set the Photos app to avoid that person. This feature leverages Apple’s face recognition technology to feature a person less often in the Photos app and memory notifications.

This is useful if you took a lot of pictures with an ex and don’t want to be reminded of your messy breakup year after year, or you’re still processing the loss of a loved one and aren’t ready to have their face pop up in your notifications.

To block someone from Memories on an iPhone, you can tap Photos > Albums > People, and select the person. Then tap the ellipses for options. If you select feature this person less, you’ll see less of that person in Memories. If you select never feature this person, you’ll never see photos of that person, even in group photos.

You can also avoid featuring a memory of a date or place by tapping Photos > For You. You can then tap the ellipses on the memory you want to block > Feature Less > Confirm.

  • Where are memories stored on my iPhone?

    To see your iPhone memories, open the Photos app and tap the For You tab. In the Memories section, tap See All.

  • Does deleting iPhone memories delete photos?

    No. Removing photos from your iPhone memories doesn't remove them from your library.

  • How do I recover deleted Snapchat memories on my iPhone?

    To recover Snapchat memories, go to your Profile > Settings > My Data > Memories > Submit Request. After you provide your account information, Snapchat will send you an email with a link to download all your memories.

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