How to Turn Off Siri on the iPad Lock Screen

Add an extra layer of security to your iPad

What to Know

  • Open Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > enter passcode > Allow Access when Locked > toggle Siri off.
  • Turn Siri off completely: Open Settings > Siri & Search > Ask Siri > toggle off all switches.

This article explains how to turn off Siri from your iPad's lock screen to prevent anyone from gaining access to Apple's voice-activated assistant. Instructions apply to 3rd Generation iPads and later.

Use Siri Without Unlocking Your iPad

The ability to access Siri from the Lock screen can be a good thing, but for security-conscious people, it's still a way to access the iPad. You can adjust a setting that turns this on or off without completely turning off Siri.

  1. Open the iPad Settings app.

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  2. Tap Touch ID & Passcode.

    Enter your passcode to open these settings.

    Control Center on iPad
  3. In the Allow Access when Locked section, turn on the Siri toggle switch.

    Siri on lock screen
  4. You'll still be able to use Siri when the iPad is unlocked.

Turn Siri Off Completely

If you don't ever use Siri, turn it off. This will stop anyone, including you, from using it on the Lock screen or at any other time. Here's how to do it.

  1. Open Settings.

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  2. Tap Siri & Search.

    iPad Siri
  3. In the Ask Siri section, turn off all the toggle switches.

    iPad Siri & Search settings
  4. With all of these switches off, you won't be able to activate Siri by voice command or by holding the Home button, which effectively turns the feature off.

How to Further Secure Your Lock Screen

It may not be enough to disable Siri on the Lock screen. You can also access notifications and the Today view, which is a snapshot of the calendar, reminders, and any widgets you have installed.

The iPad will also show new notifications. For those who want quick access to this information, having access to it on the Lock screen is handy. But if you don't want a stranger, co-worker, or friend to have access, turn both off in the same section of the Touch ID and Passcode settings you used to turn Siri off.

Allow access when locked

You can also control smart devices in your home without unlocking your iPad. Home Control works with lights, thermostats, and other gadgets that you've made smart in your home. Trying to open a smart lock or raise a smart garage door requires your passcode if you are on the Lock screen. But if you're going to take the time to lock out Siri and notifications, lock out Home Control, too.

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