How to Turn off HDR on Roku TV

And how to turn it on, too

What to Know

  • On Roku remote: Press Home button (X5), rewind, down, fast forward, down, rewind. Select Change HDR Mode > Disable HDR.
  • To disable HDR on a Roku streaming device, go to Settings > Display type and select 4K TV or one of the other options.
  • To take advantage of HDR, you'll need to enable HDR for your connected devices (media servers, game consoles, computers, etc.).

This article explains how to turn off HDR on a Roku TV. These instructions apply to all Roku TVs that support HDR.

How Do I Turn off HDR on My TV?

To turn off HDR on a Roku TV, use the Roku remote to access the secret menu:

These instructions were tested on a 50-inch TCL Roku TV. The menu may look different on other devices, but the same general steps apply.

  1. On your Roku remote, press the Home button five times, then press rewind, down, fast forward, down, rewind.

  2. Select Change HDR Mode.

  3. Select Disable HDR.

Why Would I Turn off HDR?

If you notice the colors on your TV don’t look right, switching off HDR might make a difference. Also, turning off HDR can help reduce glare on your Roku TV, which is a common problem when there's too much natural light in the room.

How Do I Turn on HDR on Roku?

Follow the steps above to access the secret menu and select Change HDR Mode > Enable HDR. If you're using a Roku streaming device, you must go through your TV's settings to turn on HDR. Check the manual or the manufacturer's website to find instructions for changing the display settings. Then, on your Roku, go to Settings > Display type > Auto detect

Auto Detect in Roku Display type settings

Not all Roku TVs support HDR. If you're considering buying a new TV, make sure the display includes all of the features you want.

If you connect other devices to your TV, such as media servers, game consoles, or computers, you'll need to enable HDR in the display settings for each device.

Can You Turn off HDR?

Whether or not you can disable HDR depends on your television. For example, some older TCL models don't allow you to change the HDR settings. Most Roku TVs, however, provide this option.

If you're using a Roku streaming device and want to disable HDR, go to Settings > Display type and select any option other than 4K HDR TV or Auto-detect.

What Is HDR on Roku TV?

HDR, or High Dynamic Range, provides a wider color gamut and contrast range than Standard Dynamic Range (SDR). In other words, bright tones appear brighter, and dark tones appear darker.

Most Roku TVs today support 4K and HDR, but you can manually adjust your preferred display settings. Only content that supports HDR10 or Dolby Vision will display in HDR.

When watching movies in HDR, a logo will appear in the upper-right corner of the screen. To get rid of it, go to Settings > TV picture settings > HDR notification.

  • How do I turn on HDR on an iPhone?

    iPhones automatically use HDR as a default camera setting. To adjust HDR camera settings on an iPhone, go to Settings > Camera and toggle off Smart HDR. Then, on the camera screen, tap HDR to turn it off or on. For older iPhones, go to Settings > Camera and toggle on Auto HDR to make HDR your default.

  • How do I enable HDR on a Samsung TV?

    If you have an HDR-capable Samsung TV and aren't noticing any difference in your picture, the feature may be disabled. To check, go to the Picture Settings menu and select Expert Settings. Scroll down and enable HDR+ Mode.

  • What Is HDR Premium?

    If you see the Ultra HD Premium logo on a TV, it means the TV has met the technical standards set to deliver what's considered a "premium" HDR picture. Because tech terms like HDR often get flung about, having the Ultra HD Premium logo aims to protect consumers and make sure they're getting the true HDR experience.

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