How to Turn Off Facebook Memories

Stop unpleasant memories from clogging up your feed

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Getty Images / Jekaterina Nikitina

Facebook’s Memories feature shows you posts from previous years on the same day. It can be a wonderful way to remember fun times, exciting news, or great accomplishments. But you may also have difficult memories from times in your life that you don’t necessarily want to be reminded of.

Fortunately, there is a way to turn this feature off. You can disable Memories for certain people or dates, or for specific memories.

How to Turn Memories Off (and Back On)

It's easy to turn the Memories feature off. Here's how:

  1. Open Facebook and select Memories from the menu bar on the left.

    Facebook Memories
  2. Select Notifications.

    Facebook Memories notifications
  3. You have three options for how often Facebook notifies you of Memories:

    • All Memories: Facebook notifies no more than once a day regarding your Memories.
    • Highlights: Facebook only notifies you about special videos or collections.
    • None: Facebook does not notify you of any Memories.
    Facebook Memories settings

How to Block Memories Involving Certain People or Dates

From the same page, you can block Memories related to certain people or dates. Here's how:

  1. Open Facebook and select Memories from the menu bar on the left.

  2. Select Hide People if you want to block memories involving specific people on Facebook. Begin typing the name of the individual and select the respective account that appears, then select Save to complete the action.

    Facebook Memories hide people
  3. Select Hide Dates if you would like to hide Memories related to a specific date or event. Select Add New Date Range, then input a start and end date to complete the action.

    Facebook Memories hide dates

Remove Certain Memories

You can remove specific Memories by either deleting the corresponding post or by removing notifications for it.

While you cannot scroll through your collection of Memories, you can search for or navigate to the post in in your Timeline and change its settings. Use the Search Profile function (indicated by a magnifying glass on your profile page) to locate the post.

Once you've found the post, select the Settings button (indicated by three horizontal dots), and then select Turn off notifications for this post. Select Delete post to permanently delete it.

Facebook Memories notifications off

You can also edit the post or change the notification settings on the day of the Memory itself. Check the Memories page each day or on the day of the Memory in question, and follow the above instructions to edit or remove notifications for the post.

If your dislike of the Memories feature is limited to specific memories, like that really embarrassing birthday party, you can simply remove them so they don’t show up again.