How to Turn off Eco Mode on Your Nest Thermostat

From the Nest's menu, just select a setting that isn't the Eco setting

What to Know

  • Use the touch bar on the Nest to access its menu.
  • From the menu, you can select between Heating, Cooling, Eco, and Off.
  • Select any mode that's not Eco to disengage Eco mode.

This article explains how to manually turn off Eco Mode on a Google Nest thermostat.

How to Turn off Eco Mode on Nest 

Once your Nest is set up and running, and it's in Eco Mode, switching it out of Eco Mode is easy to do manually on the Nest thermostat itself. Eco is just one of the modes Nest can be set to, much like the Heating or Cooling Modes you use all the time with Nest.

The Eco Mode can be a good way to save energy or a good resting setting to leave your home on while you're away, but you won't always want it on, so knowing how to turn it off is important.

  1. Tap the touch bar on your Nest to bring up its menu.

    Nest Thermometer with arrow indicating touching the sensor bar

    To turn off Eco Mode, you'll have to already be in Eco Mode.

  2. Select the mode icon, and then select another mode instead of Eco Mode, such as Heating, Cooling, or Off. Your available modes depend on your equipment.

    Nest Thermostat with Mode icon highlighted for switching modes
  3. If you pick Heating or Cooling, you'll also need to select a temperature to either heat or cool to on Nest.

Nest Eco Mode Tips and Tricks

Eco Mode is built to save you energy without fully shutting off heating or cooling, so it's most effective when you aren't around. Consequently, this is also why if you switch your Nest to Away, either on Nest or in the app, you'll automatically be switched to Eco Mode. Nest can also automatically detect when nobody's home and switch to Eco Mode itself.

However, these systems aren't always foolproof, so being able to manually turn off Eco Mode is a good thing to know how to do. Beyond that, though, it's useful to know how Eco Mode actually works: when a Nest detects your home's temperature is higher than its cooling setting, it will start cooling until it reaches the desired temperature. It will then turn itself off. Heating works similarly.

  • What is Eco Mode on a Nest ?

    On a Nest thermometer, Eco Mode is a preset temperature range designed to help your home save energy. The thermostat can automatically switch to Eco temperatures when it senses no one is home. When you see Eco on your thermostat, you'll know that Eco temperatures are active.

  • How do I turn off a Nest thermostat?

    To turn off a Nest thermostat, press the touch bar to bring up its menu and select the mode icon. When the new menu appears, scroll to and select Off. You can also use the Nest app: Tap the thermostat > mode icon > off.

  • How do I reset a Nest thermostat?

    To reset a Nest thermostat, press the touch bar to bring up its menu and select Settings. Turn the ring to scroll through the settings options until you see Reset; press down once to select it. Choose Restart your Nest thermostat to turn it off and on again. Choose Factory reset your Nest thermostat to restore the device to factory settings.

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