How to Turn Off Comments on a Facebook Post

Adjust your privacy settings to manage your posts

What to Know

  • Easiest: Settings & privacy > Settings > Privacy > Public Posts > Public Post Comments > Edit > Choose commenters.
  • To turn off comments on a Facebook Group, go to Groups > Ellipsis icon > Turn off commenting.

This article explains how to turn off comments on a Facebook post using the desktop app.

How Do You Turn Off Comments?

It's important to note that there are two different places people can add comments to your posts: In Groups and on your personal posts.

You can turn off comments on any post you make in a Facebook Group. But you cannot turn off comments on a personal post in your timeline. However, there is an option to help you manage comments on those personal posts. The sections below show you how to do each.

Turn Them Off in a Facebook Group

For the steps below, you have to be an admin or a moderator on the Facebook Group. 

  1. Select the Groups on the left panel.

    Groups menu item highlighted on the Facebook site.
  2. On the list of Groups you are part of, go to the Facebook group and post you want to turn off the comments for.

    The Facebook group (highlighted) you'd like to alter commenting on.
  3. Select the three dots on the top right-hand side of a post.

    Turning off comments item highlighted when changing the commenting ability of a Facebook group on Facebook's site.
  4. Select Turn off commenting from the options on the list.


To reduce comment overwhelm, instead of turning off comments, you can also choose Slow down comments and Limit activity to restrict the frequency of comments.

Turn Off Comments on Your Facebook Post on the Timeline

Facebook has no option yet to turn off comments on your posts. Instead, you can choose the proper permissions to limit who can comment. The Privacy settings page controls the viewership for your network of friends.

  1. Select your profile photo at the foot of the left sidebar.

  2. Select Settings & privacy.

  3. Select Settings.

  4. Select Privacy > Public Posts.

  5. Select Edit for Public Post Comments.

  6. Under Who can comment on your public posts?, select your preferred commentators, from Public, Friends of Friends, or Friends.

  7. Choose Friends to minimize the number of people who will see your public post and comment on it.

    Example of limiting comments from Friends (highlighted) on the Facebook site.

How Do You Manage Commenting on Personal FB Posts?

All navigation elements are on the left sidebar. Here's how to reach the page where you can manage all comments on personal Facebook posts.

  1. Select your profile photo to access the Accounts page.

    The Profile icon highlighted on the Facebook website.
  2. Select Settings & privacy.

    The Setting and privacy menu item highlighted on the Facebook website.
  3. Select Settings > Privacy.

    Settings menu item highlighted under Settings and privacy on the Facebook website.
  4. Select Public Posts on the side menu.

    Public posts menu item highlighted under General Account Settings on the Facebook website.
  5. Select Edit for Public Post Comments.

    The Edit button highlighted on the Public Post Notifications section of Settings on the Facebook site.
  6. Under Who can comment on your public posts?, select your preferred commentators from Public, Friends of Friends, or Friends. The choice is automatically saved.

    The choices highlighted when choosing who can comment on Facebook public posts on the Facebook site.
  • Why can't I see comments on Facebook?

    Barring a problem with the platform itself, there may be some settings preventing you from seeing Facebook comments. First, go to the More (down arrow) menu > Settings & Privacy > Settings > Public Posts, and then click Edit next to Public Post Comments and make sure it's set to Public so anyone can leave comments, or Friends/Friends of Friends to restrict it slightly. You can also change the settings for Public Profile Info.

  • Why does Facebook freeze when I click on comments?

    If Facebook comments aren't loading, first try refreshing the feed or web page. You can also try closing and reopening the app, checking for an update, and clearing your app or browser cache. If none of these fixes work, Facebook may have an issue on its send, and you'll have to wait for them to fix it.

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