How to Turn Off Auto Caps on an iPhone

Stop your iPhone from capitalizing words for you

What to Know

  • To disable auto caps, head to iPhone's Settings, then tap General > Keyboard > All Keyboards and toggle off Auto-capitalization.
  • Auto-capitalization is enabled on your iPhone by default and will automatically correct the capitalization of words and letters.
  • Turning off auto caps will not disable the iPhone’s autocorrect.

This article shows you how to disable auto caps on iPhone to control when words are capitalized manually.

How Do I Turn Off Auto Caps?

If you're tired of your iPhone capitalizing words for you, or if you're having issues with your phone caps-locking names, then you can easily turn off this feature from your iPhone keyboard settings.

Follow the steps outlined below to turn off auto caps on your iPhone.

  1. Open the iPhone's settings by tapping the Settings icon on the home screen.

  2. Swipe down and tap General.

  3. Tap Keyboard.

  4. Look down the list until you see a section labeled All Keyboards.

  5. Toggle the switch to the right of Auto-Capitalization off to disable auto caps. If you want to turn auto caps back on, toggle the switch back to on.

    Steps to turn off Auto Capitalization on the iPhone, with General, Keyboard, and Auto-Capitalization highlighted
  6. With auto caps turned off, you'll now have full control over when words or letters are capitalized. You can also follow the steps outlined above to disable auto caps on your iPad.

Why Does iPhone Autocorrect Names to All Caps?

Many users have reported issues with their iPhones automatically correcting names to all caps. Apple hasn't released an official explanation for this issue, though it has plagued users across multiple versions of the iPhone’s iOS operating system. 

Apple recommends turning auto caps off to avoid this issue. However, some users have reported the issue resolved after they turned off auto-capitalization and then re-enabled it. Unfortunately, it's unclear if Apple will ever release an update to iOS, which completely resolves this issue.

Why Turn off Auto Caps?

There are many reasons you might want to disable auto caps on your iPhone. The first, of course, is you don’t like the corrections your iPhone makes for you. If you’re someone who likes to type without using formal writing, then having auto caps will cause words that should be capitalized to be corrected throughout.

Another reason is you want to make the writing from your phone less formal. Being too formal in a text can cause the reader to take the message the wrong way. The tone of a message can be hard to contextualize in text fully, and turning off auto caps gives you complete control of how proper your writing looks. 

Turning off auto caps will not disable the iPhone’s autocorrect. If you would also like to turn that off, you can always refer to our article on disabling autocorrect on the iPhone.

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