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Apple likes to say the future of television is apps, but what do you do when you’ve had enough apps and just want to turn your Apple TV off? Here is our extensive list of all the best ways to turn your Apple TV off when you want to rest it for a while.

Sleep is Not Off

Unless you disconnect it from power your Apple TV never truly switches off, it simply enters a low-power Sleep mode. If you are concerned about conserving power you need to know that the device draws just 0.3-watts of power in this mode. Some claim this means it costs just $2.25 worth of electricity per year to be left in this mode, though this rises to just under $5 if you use it 24/7. (Cost may vary depending on location and energy supplier).

This reflects consistent attempts by Apple to improve energy efficiency across all its products – the new model Apple TV consumes less than ten percent of the power required by the first generation product, according to Apple’s Environmental Report. This means that you’ll save the cost of running the device by simply replacing a normal 60-watt light bulb with a LED equivalent.

The Basic Switch-off

Press and hold (for about five seconds) the Home button (the one that looks like a TV display) and you’ll be presented with the ‘Sleep Now?’ dialog. Tap Sleep to switch it Off or tap Cancel to continue using the system.

The TV Turn-off

Alternatively, you can climb out of your sofa and switch the TV off manually, or use the TV’s own remote control to turn the receiver off.  The Apple TV will automatically fall asleep after being left unused for a preset period of time.

Automatically Off

You can control how long your Apple TV will remain active once it is left unused. To change the delay before it automatically sleeps, go to Settings>General>Sleep After and set the time you prefer. You can set it to switch off automatically never, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hours, 5 hours or 10 hours.

Settings Switch Off

You can also switch off your Apple TV using the Settings app. Just go to Settings > General and select Sleep Now.

Use an iPad or iPhone

If you have the Remote app installed on your iPad or iPhone and you have it paired with your Apple TV, you can use the iOS device to switch it off, just tap the Home button icon inside the Remote app.

Last Resort

As a last resort and when you have no other way available to you, you can switch off the Apple TV by disconnecting it from power.


Not really a way to switch off your Apple TV, but a highly useful shortcut all of the same. Restart is the most important weapon in any Apple TV user’s arsenal if they find the device isn’t working correctly. You invoke this powerful tool by pressing and holding the Menu and Home button until the white light on the front of Apple TV begins to flash. The device will quickly restart and return to normal behavior.

Turn It On

If your Apple TV is sleeping it’s easy to turn it one again. All that you need to do is grab the Siri Remote and press any button. The Apple TV will wake up and so will most TV sets you choose to use it with. Open Settings>Remotes and Devices and enable/disable the Turn on your TV or Receiver item to control this behavior. You can also set volume control behavior within this setting.

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