How to Turn Off an Echo Dot

And how to disable Alexa, too

What to Know

  • The Echo Dot cannot be powered off completely without unplugging the unit.
  • Press the Mute button to turn off the microphone.
  • You can turn off certain notifications on the speaker.

This article will explain how to turn off an Echo Dot, or rather how to disable Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, at least temporarily.

Does Alexa Stay on All the Time?

The Echo Dot displays various colors around the notification ring, each of which represents a separate alert, and that’s true for all of the Echo models. While it is possible to disable some of those alerts or dismiss them, there is no way to turn them off permanently.

Alexa is designed to always be ready for voice commands, which means it's always listening and always on—as long as the Echo Dot and related devices have power. So, Alexa, and the Amazon Echo devices, will remain on all of the time, provided they are plugged in.

Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Gen with Alexa listening and blue ring

If you want to completely power down an Echo Dot, your best option is to unplug the unit.

However, Echo devices do have a dedicated microphone button that, when pressed, will disable the microphone and stop Alexa from listening to conversations and ambient noises. This is a great feature if Alexa keeps activating when you don’t want it to, or continues to mistake names and other words for commands.

Does Echo Dot Turn Off Automatically?

No, the Echo Dot does not turn off automatically. In fact, it does not turn off at all, unless there’s a power outage or the device(s) is unplugged from a power source.

Can You Turn Echo Dot Off at Night?

You cannot turn off the Echo Dot at night, or anytime, without unplugging the speaker, display, or device. As long as power is being supplied to the unit, it will remain on.

The Echo Show, however, which is a smart display and not just a speaker, can be powered down using the hardware buttons.

How Do I Turn Off My Alexa Echo Dot?

The Echo Dot speakers and devices may not be able to power off completely, but you can disable the microphone to prevent the system from listening to conversations and ambient noise.

Here’s how to do that:

  1. Locate the dedicated microphone button on the top of the device. On most models, the button will have a circle with a line through it, and on select models, it will be a microphone icon, also with a line through it.

    Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Gen Microphone button
  2. Press the microphone button and the notification ring will turn red, indicating that the microphone has been disabled.

    Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Gen mic muted with red ring
  3. Leave it disabled as long as you want or need. To turn it on again, press the button one more time and the red light will go away.

What Do the Echo Dot Notification Colors Mean?

The color of the light ring around the top of the Echo Dot represents the most recent notification.

Here is what each color means:

  • Yellow - A yellow notification means you have unread messages, alerts, or a missed reminder. The Echo Dot may glow yellow when an Amazon package was delivered to your home, for example.
  • Red - A solid red band means the microphone has been muted, and that Alexa has been essentially disabled. Even if you use the chosen wake word, Alexa will not respond.
  • Orange - Mostly a service alert, the Echo Dot will glow orange during the initial setup, when it’s trying to connect to the network or internet, or when it’s experiencing connection issues.
  • Blue - The activation light, a blue ring indicates that Alexa’s listening mode has been enabled. It will also show when the Echo Dot is first powered on, when it’s processing a request or search, or when Alexa is responding to a command.
  • Purple - A multi-indicator, purple means that Alexa is trying to process a request but cannot because the Do Not Disturb (DND) mode is enabled. Or, it means that the Echo Dot is having WiFi connection problems.
  • Green - Typically, green means that there is an incoming call or group call that is being redirected to the Echo Dot.
  • White - The color white reveals that the volume is changing on the Echo Dot speaker. A higher volume will wrap further around the device, while a lower volume does not. As the volume changes the white ring will grow or shrink accordingly.

You can disable some of these modes and features from within the Alexa app. For example, by navigating to Devices > Echo & Alexa > Device You Want to Edit > Communications you can turn off drop-in calling and messages.

How Do I Turn On Alexa's Do Not Disturb Mode?

The Echo Dot smart speakers and Alexa have a Do Not Disturb (DND) mode that will disable all alerts and notifications and will keep the speaker silent.

Here's how to enable Do Not Disturb on the Echo Dot:

  1. Open the Alexa app, and tap Devices at the bottom.

    Devices tab in Amazon Alexa app
  2. Tap Echo & Alexa at the top, and then choose the device that you want to activate DND mode on.

    Echo & Alexa and Bedroom Echo highlighted in the Alexa app
  3. Scroll down to General, and tap Do Not Disturb. Toggle the top button to turn the mode on.

    Do Not Disturb toggle highlighted in the Alexa app


You can also configure DND mode to turn on, and off, on a schedule so it's activated automatically at a certain time each day or night. This allows you to turn Alexa notifications off when you're sleeping, for instance. You will find the Schedule toggle and options in the Do Not Disturb menu in the Alexa app.

  • How do I turn on my Echo Dot?

    You can turn on your Echo Dot by plugging it into the power supply. Wait for the light ring to activate. If the device won’t turn on, check the power connection, and reset your Echo Dot if necessary.

  • How do I turn off notifications on my Echo Dot?

    To disable Alexa notifications, put your device in Do Not Disturb Mode.

    To turn off notifications for specific apps and services, open the Alexa app and go to More > Settings > Notifications.

  • How do I turn off the Echo Dot blue light?

    If the blue light is on and you didn't give a command, say “Alexa, stop.” If the issue persists, unplug your Echo Dot and plug it back in. Reset the device if you're still having problems.

  • How do I turn off the tone on my Echo Dot?

    In the Alexa app, go to the settings for your Echo Dot and tap Sounds. From here, you can change or disable sounds for notifications and alarms. You can also choose to disable Start of Request and End of Request if you don't want to hear the tone when giving a voice command.

  • How do I turn off shopping on my Echo Dot?

    To disable purchases on Alexa, open the Alexa app and go to More > Settings > Account Settings > Voice Purchasing. Tap the Voice Purchasing toggle to change it to the off position.

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