How to Turn Find My iPad On or Off

You can find your iPad on a map if this feature is turned on

What to Know

  • Go to Settings > your name > Find My, and then toggle the Find My iPad switch to turn the feature on and off.
  • Toggle on Send Last Location to send Apple the iPad's location data so you can find the device even if it's off or the battery dies.
  • Track a lost iPad: Go to, select Find iPhone > All Devices, and choose your iPad. Select Play Sound, Lost Mode, or Erase iPad.

This article explains how to turn the Find My iPad feature on or off. Turning the feature on allows you to track the device. You'll need to turn the feature off before selling your iPad or giving it away. Instructions cover iPadOS 14 through iOS 9.

How to Turn Find My iPad On and Off

Access your iPad's settings to enable or disable Find My iPad.

  1. Open the Settings app.

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  2. In the Settings pane, tap your name.

    Apple ID in Settings on an iPad
  3. Tap iCloud in iOS 12 and earlier. (In newer iPadOS versions, select Find My instead and jump to Step 5.)

    iCloud in iPad settings
  4. In the Apps Using iCloud section, tap Find My iPad.

    Find My iPad
  5. Turn on the Find My iPad toggle switch to enable the feature or turn off the toggle switch to disable it.

    For Find My iPad to work, Location Services must be turned on. In the Settings app, go to the Privacy area and confirm Location Services is turned on or turn it on.

    Turn on Find My iPad
  6. Turn on the Send Last Location toggle switch to send Apple the iPad's location information when the battery is low, so you can find it even if its battery ran down and it is turned off.

    When this feature is turned off and the iPad is powered down or not connected to the internet, you won't be able to see a location.

How to Use Find My iPad

A benefit to Find My iPad is that you don't need an iPad to use it. Here's how to use it to track a missing tablet:

  1. Open a web browser and go to

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  2. Tap Find iPhone.

    Use Find iPhone to locate any device set up on Find My, including desktop and laptop computers, Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad.

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  3. In the default Find My iPad screen, click the All Devices drop-down arrow and choose a specific device.

    When using an iPad to locate another iOS device, hold the tablet in landscape mode so that the list appears on the side of the screen.

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  4. The device screen zeroes in on the location of that device and offers these options:

    • Play Sound: Plays a sound on the iPad to locate the tablet when you're sure it's somewhere within hearing range.
    • Lost Mode: Locks the iPad so that nobody else can access it. You can also type a message to appear on the iPad screen. Use this option if you left the iPad and want to protect it from being used. This also tells anyone that finds it your phone number, email address, home address, or other contact information so that they can return it to you.
    • Erase iPad: Erase the iPad when you know you will not get it back and want to clear it for security reasons. Another reason to erase an iPad is to reset it without plugging it into a computer if it keeps freezing up.
  5. You can manage every device on your Apple ID from this site.

What Is Find My iPad?

The Find My iPad option on the iPad is one of the most important features on the tablet. It can locate an iPad using GPS or locate an iPad that's hiding under a couch or beneath a pillow. To locate a missing device, use an iPhone or a computer to play a sound on the iPad. Find My iPad has other features, such as Lost Mode, and you can completely erase the iPad remotely if someone steals it.

If you plan to sell your iPad or give it to a friend, turn off the Find My iPad feature and then reset the iPad to its factory default settings. Also, turn off Find My iPad before you have any repairs done to it.

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