How to Turn Down the Volume on Apple TV

Use a Siri remote, Apple TV remote, or your iPhone if your TV supports it

What to Know

  • On Siri or Apple TV Remote: Press volume down (-) button to lower volume and volume up (+) to raise volume. 
  • On iPhone: Open Control Center > Remote > select Apple TV, use volume buttons. Only works with HDMI-CEC.
  • Older Apple remotes don't have volume buttons, so you have to use your TV remote. 

This article explains how to turn down the volume on Apple TV, including how to adjust Apple TV volume without a remote.

How to Adjust the Volume on Apple TV

There are a number of ways to turn down the volume on Apple TV, but the available methods will depend on the type of Apple TV remote you have.

  • Apple Remote (white or aluminum): If you have this type of remote, you need to use your TV remote if you want to turn down the volume.
  • Siri Remote or Apple TV Remote (black or aluminum): You can push the volume down (-) button to turn down the volume.
  • Control Center on iPhone: You can control the volume through the Control Center, but only if your Apple TV is connected to a TV, receiver, or soundbar that supports volume control over HDMI-CEC. Otherwise you’ll need to use your TV remote.

If you have the black or aluminum Siri remote or Apple TV remote and an Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD, and the remote won’t turn down the volume, you may need to set it up manually. Instructions for setting up your remote manually are included in the next section.

How to Control TV Volume With an Apple TV Remote

Older Apple TV remotes didn’t come with volume controls, but volume controls have been included since the introduction of the first generation Siri remote. These buttons are designed to control the volume on your television, which is possible due to the remote including an IR transmitter. Configuration typically occurs automatically behind the scenes, but you can also configure the remote manually if you find that you can’t control the volume.

This requires an Apple TV (4th generation) or newer, an Apple TV HD, or an Apple TV 4K and Siri Remote.

Here’s how to control TV volume with your Apple TV remote:

  1. Push the volume down (-) or volume up (+) button on the remote to see if they work.

    If the volume controls work, you're done. If they don't, proceed to the next step to set up your remote manually. You will need the remote for your TV, receiver, or sound bar to complete this process.

  2. Open Settings on your Apple TV

    Settings highlighted on Apple TV
  3. Select Remotes and Devices.

    Remotes and Devices highlighted on Apple TV
  4. Select Volume Control.

    Volume Control highlighted on Apple TV
  5. Select Learn New Device.

    Learn New Device highlighted on Apple TV
  6. Follow the on-screen prompts to finish setting up the remote to work with your TV.

    The remote learning screen on Apple TV

    Your remote needs to have an unobstructed line-of-site to the IR receiver on your TV for the volume controls to work.

How To Turn Down Apple TV Volume on iPhone

You can control your Apple TV through the Control Center on your iPhone, but turning down the volume is a more complicated issue. Since your phone can’t send signals through an IR transmitter like the Apple TV Remote does, it needs to rely on a feature called HDMI-CEC.

HDMI-CEC is a feature that allows a device, like the Apple TV, to send signals through an HDMI cable to adjust things like the volume level. Very few televisions have this feature built in, but a lot of AV receivers and soundbars do.

If your TV supports HDMI-CEC, or your Apple TV is connected to a receiver or soundbar that supports it, then you can use this method to turn down the volume with your iPhone:

  1. Open the Control Center.

    Swipe down from the top right of the screen on iPhone X and later. Swipe up from the bottom on iPhone SE, iPhone 8 and earlier, and iPod Touch.

  2. Tap on the Remote icon.

  3. Tap Choose a TV.

  4. Select your Apple TV.

    Apple TV Remote icon on iPhone and choosing an Apple TV
  5. Push the physical volume down button on your iPhone to turn down the volume on your Apple TV.

  • Why is my Apple TV volume not working?

    Make sure that the volume on your external audio device or television is not set to mute. Next, unplug and reconnect each end of the HDMI cable connecting your television and Apple TV, then restart the Apple TV device. If you still have problems, go to Settings > Video and Audio > Audio Output and make sure HDMI is selected.

  • Does Apple TV have volume leveling?

    Yes. While watching a video, bring up the playback controls and select Audio Options > Reduce Loud Sounds. To level audio for all videos, go to Settings > Video and Audio > Reduce Loud Sounds.

  • How do I connect AirPods to my Apple TV?

    To connect AirPods to an Apple TV, open the AirPods case, then press and hold the Pairing button until the LED flashes white. On your Apple TV, go to Settings > Remotes and Devices > Bluetooth and choose your AirPods.

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