How to Turn Comment Ranking On or Off on Facebook

Go to your Public Posts or page settings

What to Know

  • Go to profile, click Settings and Privacy > Settings > Public posts > Comment Ranking > Edit to turn off or on.
  • Go to page, click the page you are admin of then Settings > Comment Ranking to enable or disable it.

This article teaches you how to manually turn off comment ranking on Facebook, as well as how to turn it back on. It also looks at why and when Facebook offers this feature.

How To Turn On/Off Comment Ranking on a FB Profile

Facebook profiles that have a large number of followers automatically have comment ranking switched on. However, lower profile Facebook profiles need to enable the feature. Whatever type of user you are, here's how to turn on/off comment ranking on a Facebook profile.

  1. On Facebook, click the arrow to the right hand side.

    Facebook home page with Settings arrow highlighted.
  2. Click Settings and privacy.

    Facebook home page with Settings & Privacy highlighted.
  3. Click Settings.

    Facebook home page with Settings highlighted.
  4. Click Public Posts.

    Facebook settings with Public posts highlighted.
  5. Click Edit next to Comment Ranking.

    Facebook settings with Comment Ranking edit option highlighted.
  6. Click the On/Off toggle and change it to your desired result.

    Facebook Settings with Comment Ranking toggle highlighted.

How to Enable Comment Ranking on a FB Page

If you're the admin of a page on Facebook, you may wish to enable or disable comment ranking on your Facebook page. Here's how to do so.

You need to be an admin of a page on Facebook to follow these steps. Regular users of a page can not do this.

  1. On Facebook, click Pages.

    Facebook home page with Pages highlighted.
  2. Click the Page you wish to manage.

    Facebook pages admin page with specific page highlighted.
  3. Click Settings.

    Facebook page admin page with settings highlighted.

    You may need to scroll down to find the option.

  4. Click Comment Ranking.

    Facebook page settings with Comment Ranking highlighted.
  5. Either tick or untick See most relevant comments by default, depending on which you wish to implement. 

    Facebook page settings with See Most Relevant Content by Default highlighted.
  6. Click Save Changes.

    Facebook page settings with Save Changes highlighted.
  7. The page has now been updated to your adjusted Comment Ranking settings.

What Is Comment Ranking on Facebook? 

Comment ranking works by arranging comments by what Facebook considers to be the most meaningful and relevant comments posted. 

It's determined through the use of three metics. These include the admin's reaction to a comment, whether the comment seems like clickbait, and how much other users are interacting with a comment. 

Effectively, the more replies or reactions a comment gets, the higher its ranking becomes. Alternatively, a comment that simply tags someone or says something considered worthless like 'lol' will be further down the list.

Comments from friends of the user or verified profiles also take precedence so they show up higher on the list. When you see Most Relevant written above the comments on a post, it means that comment ranking is enabled. 

Comment ranking is designed to prioritize content so that the most worthwhile comments are seen first, saving users time on browsing through all the replies to a page's post. 

When Does Facebook Turn Comment Ranking On?

All Pages now have comment ranking automatically enabled on their account.  When comment ranking is switched on, the page admin can also use it to sort hidden comments on a page. If comment ranking is disabled, the page will display comments in most recent order by default.

For individual profiles, comment ranking needs to be enabled.

  • What does hiding a comment do on Facebook?

    Hiding a comment on your post doesn't remove it. Its author and people on their friends list can still see it, but anyone else won't. Hiding a comment will also hide replies to it.

  • Why can't I comment on Facebook?

    Privacy settings may affect your ability to comment on a post. For example, a person might only let Friends write comments or turn off comments altogether. You also can't leave a comment if you aren't signed in.

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