How to Turn Bluetooth On/Off on an iPad

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How to Turn Bluetooth On/Off on an iPad

iPad Bluetooth Settings

If you use a Bluetooth device, you can turn Bluetooth on in the iPad's settings.  And if you don't use any Bluetooth devices on your iPad, turning the service off can be a great way to conserve battery power. Even if you own a Bluetooth device like a wireless keyboard or wireless headphones, turning the service off when you are not using it can help if you are running into issues with the iPad's battery not lasting long enough.

  1. Open the iPad's settings by touching the icon shaped like gears in motion.
  2. The Bluetooth settings are at the top of the left-side menu, just under Wi-Fi.
  3. Once you've tapped the Bluetooth settings, you can slide the switch at the top of the screen to turn the service on or off.
  4. Once Bluetooth is turned on, all nearby devices that are discoverable will be shown in the list.  You can pair a device by tapping it in the list and pushing the discover button on your device.  Consult the device's manual on how to put it in discoverable mode.

Tip: iOS 7 introduced a new control panel that can quickly turn Bluetooth On or Off.  Simply slide your finger up from the bottom edge of the screen to reveal the new control panel.  Tap the Bluetooth symbol to turn it off or back on again.  However, you cannot pair new devices with this screen.

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