Turing Phones: A Turning Point in Smartphone History?

The First Hackerproof Turing Phone is Readying to Make its Debut

Turing Phones
Image © Turing Robotics Industries.

October 28, 2015

The Turing Phone, toted as the phone from the future, is now readying to make its grand foray into the mobile market. This unique smartphone, manufactured by Turing Robotic Industries, is made of liquid metal and is reportedly stronger than titanium. But its most important feature is that it is supposedly the most secure, hacker-resistant smartphone in the world. Additionally, its ‘stretchable storage’ feature will make it virtually impossible for the sleek and stylish mobile device to run out of storage.


Early next year, the Turing Phones, which currently run Android 5.1, will be upgraded to the Turing OS. This, the company states, is what will make it difficult for the phones to run out of storage space.

Apart from the above, some of the phone’s salient specs include an MSM8974AC Snapdragon Quad Krait 2.5GHz processor, 3GB RAM, Liquidmorphium Frame, 5.5” Screen with Gorilla Glass III, Front and Rear Cameras, LTE, Fingerprint Readers, Unique ID X-RFID, 3,000 mAh Lithium-ion Polymer Battery, Turing Imitation Key TF Card for added security, DVD-quality movies, super-secure messaging and much more.

The Turing UI is as minimalistic and elegant as its external design. It is split into tiled menus, which display apps, system notifications and messages. Users can access messages without actually opening the apps – tapping on them launches the related app.

The final version of the UI may be customizable, enabling users to resize each tile as per their preference. The device is also expected to launch with its own social network.

The company additionally plans to enhance the phone’s battery power, by using different energy storage technologies. Its aim is to make the device’s battery last more than a week.

While there was a hint of a suggestion that the feature may be included during the release of the first Turing Phone in December this year, there is yet no official word about it from the company.

Wind Computing

Yet another interesting feature of Turing Phones is what the company terms as ‘wind computing’. Instead of saving files on the device, the device is capable of storing content on phones of other Turing Phones users. Each user’s handset shares a portion of its data on others’ devices. Basically therefore, wind computing breaks up data into hundreds of thousands of tiny bits; thereby storing copies of it everywhere.

The data that is thus distributed is tagged in a way that only the original user can access it – no unauthorized person can gain access to the same. The unique tagging system effectively links the data to the owner and hence, they can retrieve it as and when necessary.

Advanced Security

Turing Robotics Industries was initially established as a company carrying out research on decentralized cryptographic keys. 5 years on, it has developed advanced Identity Based Authentication Infrastructure, which will further reinforce the security capabilities of its smartphones.

In the near future, the company plans to offer users other cloud-based services as well, as part of its free suite of services, including SMS, email, IM and VoIP. It also hopes to develop functionality which can split computer processing between multiple devices.

The formidable encryption system, which protects the Turing Phone, relies on a private key, which is stored within the device’s hardware. Since there is no third-party service to manage the key, communication becomes more secure.

The Android OS is generally perceived as being more prone to malware. However, the encrypted key in this case is far more resistant to hack attacks.

The key, being extremely private and stored as a separate part in the hardware; it would make it practically impossible for outsiders to take hold of it. The company has actually employed hackers who tried their level best, but failed in their attempts to gain unauthorized access into the phone’s contents.


Turing Phones are rather steeply priced as compared with the competition. It is now available for preorder and is priced from $610 - $870, depending on the amount of storage customers would like to purchase. The Dark Wyvern special edition phone is priced from $779.