Tumblr Features for Bloggers

Learn What Makes Tumblr Perfect for Some Bloggers

Tumblr is a hybrid blogging application and microblogging tool. It enables you to publish short posts that contain images, text, audio, or video which aren't as long as traditional blog posts but aren't as short as Twitter updates. The Tumblr community of users can reblog your content on their own Tumblelogs or share your content on Twitter with the click of the mouse. Is Tumblr right for you? Take a look at some of the Tumblr features that are currently available so you can determine if it's the right tool for you to publish your content online.

It's Free!

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Tumblr is completely free to use. You can publish your content with no bandwith or storage limits. You can also modify your Tumblelog's design, publish group blogs, and use a custom domain without paying anything to Tumblr to do it.

Customized Design

A wide variety of themes are available for Tumblr users that you can tweak to customize your Tumblelog. You can also access all of the necessary HTML code to make any changes that you want to your Tumblelog's theme.

Custom Domain

Your Tumblelog can use your own domain name so it's truly personalized. For businesses, this enables you to easily brand your Tumblelog and make it appear more professional.


You can publish text, photos (including high resolution photos), videos, links, audio, slideshows, and more to your Tumblelog. Tumblr offers a variety of great publishing features that make it easy for you to publish any kind of content to your Tumblelog, including:

  • Publish to your Tumblelog from email.
  • Publish to your Tumblelog via a text message from your mobile phone.
  • Publish audio posts to your Tumblelog via phone.
  • Schedule your posts to publish in the future.
  • Use the handy bookmarklet to instantly share anything you see online via your Tumblelog.
  • Keep your entire Tumblelog or certain posts private.


You can invite multiple people to publish to the same Tumblelog. It's easy for them to submit posts, which you can review and approve before they are published.


Make your Tumblelog look more like a traditional blog or website using customizable pages. For example, create a Contact Us page and an About page.

Search Engine Optimization

Tumblr uses a variety of functions to ensure your Tumblelog is search-engine friendly using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that happen behind the scenes without any additional effort on your part.

No Ads

Tumblr doesn't clutter your Tumblelog with ads, logos, or any other unwanted moneymaking features that can negatively affect your audience's experience.


There are many third-party apps available that can add even more features and functionality to your Tumblelog. For example, there are entertaining apps that enable you to add speech bubbles with text to images, apps that enable you to publish to Tumblr from an iPhone or iPad, apps that enable you to instantly publish images from Flickr to your Tumblelog, and many more.

Twitter, Facebook, and Feedburner Integration

Tumblr integrates seamlessly with Twitter, Facebook, and Feedburner. Publish your posts to Tumblr and you can automatically publish them to your Twitter stream of Facebook profile news stream. If you prefer, you can pick and choose which posts to publish to Twitter and Facebook. You can also easily invite people to subscribe to your blog's RSS feed and track analytics related to those subscriptions, because Tumblr integrates with Feedburner.


Tumblr offers a great feature that enables you to publish a Q&A box where your audience can ask you a questions on your Tumblelog and you can answer them.


Tumblr's Terms of Service clearly stae that all of the content you publish on your Tumblelog is owned and copyrighted by you.


Tumblr offers an online Help Center, and users who cannot find answers to their questions can email the Tumblr Community Ambassador directly at anytime.


Tumblr works with blog analytics tools like Google Analytics. Just set up your analytics account using your preferred tool and paste the provided code into your Tumblelog. That's all there is to it!

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