tsoHost Review

How does the U.K.-based Cloud host compare?

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What We Like

  • Easy-to-install applications

  • Simple plan pricing

  • Unlimited bandwidth

  • Great domain management options

  • Comes with webmail

  • cPanel comes with plenty of tools and utilities

What We Don't Like

  • Unclear domain policy with packages

  • Limited storage

  • Costly VPS and dedicated plans

tsoHost is a fairly middle-of-the-road hosting company that doesn’t do anything exceptional, but they do hosting right. They offer simple plan pricing, and they give you everything you need to get your site online the right way.





There are a lot of shared web hosting services with similar offerings and a lot of flashy gimmicks. TsoHost is a unique service based out of the U.K. that puts more control in your hands. They offer flexible pricing and different levels of service to fit your needs. 

In addition to unlimited bandwidth and simple installation of WordPress and plenty of other popular web platforms, tsoHost offers a solid management experience with a pile of useful tools to create and manage your site. We thoroughly tested the service to find out if it's worth using to launch your website.

Available Levels of Service: A Range of Plans

Like most providers, tsoHost offers a range of plans for different tasks that you need to accomplish with your projects. Unfortunately, tsoHost’s plans aren’t exactly simple to understand, at first glance.

Most of tsoHost’s plans fall into their Cloud Web Hosting category, but they’re all advertised differently. The service even went as far as to include a separate WordPress heading on the main menu of their website. All those application-specific plans, with the exception of their Microsoft Exchange ones, are the same Cloud Web Hosting plans, they just come pre-configured with the application you chose. If you go with the generic Cloud Web Hosting, you can always install any of those applications easily yourself either with or without the tools provided by tsoHost.

For more advanced applications, you can also purchase Virtual Private Server(VPS) and dedicated server hosting form tsoHost. These options are significantly costlier, but they offer a wider range of both power and flexibility for you or your developers.


Storage: Not Impressive, But Probably Enough

tsoHost’s storage offerings aren’t the best. With the basic Startup plan, you’ll only get 15GB of storage for your site. When you consider what competing providers offer at a similar price, 15GB simply isn’t that impressive. The Business plan gets a bit closer with a 50GB storage allotment. Even still, it falls short or many competing services.

There is more to this story, though. Even though 15GB really isn’t much, it’s probably enough for your website. Most websites are relatively small. HTML, CSS, and PHP sure don’t take up much space. Databases can get large, but if you’ve reached a point where that’s a factor, you’ve also probably moved on and scaled up. The only concern then is media such as photos and videos. Chances are, you’re not trying to host the next YouTube, so image storage is the only concern. However, if you’re optimizing your images for the Web, you probably won’t encounter any problems there either. Only eCommerce sites may run into trouble, but tsoHost has a plan specifically for eCommerce with 100GB of storage, meaning that shouldn’t really raise any concerns either.

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Bandwidth will never be a concern with tsoHost. They will not limit your bandwidth on any of their plans, even the most budget-conscious ones. Over the years, many major hosts have raised and eliminated the bandwidth limits on their plans. tsoHost’s policy isn’t particularly revolutionary, but it’s nice to know bandwidth isn’t going to encumber your site. 

Registration Process: Mostly Very Simple

TsoHost makes registration simple. Locate your plan on one of the pages and add it to your cart. Then, just like any other eCommerce transaction, begin the checkout process from your cart, when you’re ready.  

You’ll be asked to create an account for tsoHost before you can go any further. This, again, is fairly standard. You’ll need to enter some information about yourself for billing and set up a password. Your e-mail address will be your username.

Then, you’ll need to enter your payment information. You have the option of several different payment methods, including your credit card or PayPal. Whichever way you choose, the process is smooth and straightforward.  

When you’re done, tsoHost will confirm your account creation, and give you the option to move right into your control panel.

There is a small catch. If you didn’t choose to pay annually, you’re going to need to link a domain to your account. If you already have a domain, that shouldn’t be an issue. If you don’t have one, you’re going to need to purchase one before you can use your account. There is a note about this when you mouse over the “Free domain name” in the plan comparison, but unless you do, it’s not clear.

It’s also important to note that you’ll need to transfer your existing domain name to tsoHost before you can use it. This whole picture feels restrictive, and it’s a shame that such a smooth registration process seems to get that much rockier after purchase.


Domain & Site Management: Overall, Top-Notch

Most of your controls for both your domains and your hosting package are going to come from tsoHost’s client area. While there are a few things that could be clearer, the overall design and functionality are top-notch.

It’s easy to find your way around and navigate the controls for both your site and the domains that you’ve registered with tsoHost. Your hosting plan will show you which domain(s) are connected, and it offers quick access to e-mail controls. There are also convenient links to both your webmail and the deeper cPanel controls for your site.

When it comes to the real management within your hosting plan, that will all be done through cPanel. If you aren’t familiar, cPanel is a standard in the industry for server and web hosting management. It provides simple graphical controls for many of the underlying technology powering your site.

tsoHost’s cPanel controls are fairly broad, and they allow you to do much of what you’d want to with your site, and some. That includes automatic software installs via Softaculous. It’s a highly simplified way to get dozens of web applications installed on your server without any technical knowledge.

Advanced Options: Plenty of Control

If you are comfortable digging into the more technical aspects of your hosting plan, tsoHost’s cPanel interface has you covered there too. You won’t need to touch many of these controls as long as you have your site active, but they certainly can help you attain a higher degree of control, should you want it.

TsoHost gives you access to underlying configurations, like your server’s PHP.ini file and Apache handler configurations. You’ll also get access to your server of SSH and the ability to automate tasks using cron jobs.  

With tsoHost’s cPanel, you can get a decent amount of domain name and DNS controls to manage traffic to your site or sites and create subdomains to clean up and optimize URLs

Administration: An Arsenal of Administration Tools

Like with most cPanel installations, tsoHost gives you an arsenal of administration and monitoring tools to get a clear picture of how you’re using your hosting plan and how your visitors are interacting with your site.

On cPanel, you’ll find an entire category of tools devoted to metrics and server usage. You can see how much bandwidth you’re using, visitor logs, and a ton of different ways to visualize the data pertaining to your site.

You’ll also get access to valuable security tools, like user and password management. You’ll be able to manually block problem IP addresses

On the database side, you’ll have access to phpMyAdmin. It’s a graphical web-based tool that lets you view and manage database tables manually. You can use it to test and build your own web applications, or you can employ it as a management tool to manually edit things that aren’t available from your web application’s admin tools.

The overall picture here is fairly standard, but that really isn’t a bad thing.

Price: A Range from Affordable to Overpriced

Depending on your plan, tsoHost’s offerings range from very affordable to relatively overpriced. Their cloud plans may not afford the same kind of storage as their competition, but they actually come in below plenty of competing price points with even more features packed in. Unlimited bandwidth, free SSL encryption, and a load of lower level developer controls make any of these plans well worth the price.

On the upper end, tsoHost’s VPS and dedicated options are both significantly pricier than the competition. In both cases, the package that comes with your subscription is substantial, and you will get a fair amount in terms of service and extras, but it really doesn’t seem enough to justify the price.

Competition: tsoHost vs. GoDaddy

When it comes to the competition, it’s hard to pick a clear winner. Many shared hosting plans, which is what tsoHost’s Cloud plans are, offer very similar services. There are a few big differences to consider. 

The first service that most people will probably look to for comparison is GoDaddy, due to its massive popularity. When it comes to practical usage, both tsoHost and GoDaddy will give you a reasonable about of server power with unlimited bandwidth. GoDaddy is going to give you more storage, but it also comes at a substantially higher cost. The smallest window of time you can purchase from GoDaddy is three months at a cost more than double that of tsoHost’s monthly price, per month. So, to try out GoDaddy will cost you over six times the cost to try tsoHost.

Final Verdict

Solidly middle of the road.

To be honest, tsoHost’s packages are fairly average. They’re great, and they’ll certainly get your site online and stable, but that’s something a whole lot of other hosts can say.

There are a couple of things that tsoHost does excel in, and they should be the deciding factor in choosing or not choosing the service. First, they’re a U.K. service that targets customers in the U.K. If you’re in the U.K. or you’re looking to reach an audience in the U.K., that alone is a great reason to choose tsoHost. If you're not, there might be a better fit out there.


  • Product Name tsoHost
  • Product Brand tsoHost
  • Price $4.59
  • (Other) Available Levels of Service Startup, Business, and eCommerce Cloud hosting, VPS, and Dedicated
  • Storage 15GB-100GB
  • Bandwidth Unlimited
  • Platform Linux or Windows
  • Registration Process Mostly Smooth
  • Domain & Site Management Standard but powerful
  • Advanced Options Slightly limited
  • Administration Great
  • Support Knowledgeable and reasonably fast
  • File Access Unlimited FTP access
  • Shell Access Yes
  • Version Control Only on VPS and Dedicated plans
  • Payment Options 1, 12, and 24 months
  • Cost $4.59-$28.84/month for Cloud plans
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