Design-Your-Own T-Shirt Software and Services

Design at home or use online websites

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You can use almost any graphics or creative printing program to design iron-on transfer artwork. Ideally, the program will have an option to flip or reverse the image for transfer printing, or you can manually flip the image in the document. However, there are some T-shirt design software programs specifically for creating personalized T-shirt designs and similar iron-on transfer craft projects.

In addition to software you use on your own computer, there are now services for designing your t-shirts online through their websites using their web-based design tools. Even better, when you're done with your t-shirt design, you can order shirts with your design already printed on them. This is a much simpler solution if you're not tech savvy and don't have the time or equipment to create your own t-shirts. 

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This is another online service option that allows you design for not just t-shirts, but hats, sweatshirts, hoodies, and polos. Their online tools offer a huge number of clipart images to use, and text customizations. When you're done designing, order your new t-shirts directly from Rush Order Tees.

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Why download software, learn it and deal with the printing and other hassles of custom t-shirt creation when you can simply visit Custom Ink and design your t-shirt right on the web. Even better, when you're done with the design, you can then order your finished t-shirt! 

At, you'll find an easy interface, hundreds of clipart images, and the personalization tools you want to design a t-shirt for your group, team, event, cause, or yourself. You can design the front as well as the back of the t-shirt.

When you're done, you can share your t-shirt design with others, and you can order t-shirts with your design printed on them.

T-Shirt Bonanza! software

 Just pick a template, personalize and print with the T-Shirt Bonanza software, which comes with a step-by-step wizard. Print the finished image on transfer paper. Comes with 200 templates and 1,000 clip art files. You can also import your own images for lots of T-shirt fun.

T-Shirt Bonanza! for Windows PCs.

CorelDRAW image

CorelDRAW is a popular and powerful software package for graphic design, following Photoshop, and has been around for many years. Because it is a professional level application, it may take a bit to become familiar with its use. It also has a high price tag if you're only looking to make t-shirt designs occasionally and for personal use. However, there is a trial version available that you can use to learn the software. Who knows? You may become an expert with it and find a whole new career in graphic design. At the very least, you'll learn how to create great t-shirt designs.

CorelDRAW runs on Windows PCs.

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 Free TSHIRT Maker is, as the name indicates, a freeware toolset you can use to design t-shirts. The software is not difficult to learn, and functions are easy to reach—not buried in never-ending menus.

Free TSHIRT Maker offers lots of clipart imagery to use in a variety of categories, from animals to buildings, flowers to weapons, and more. You can also upload your own images for use. And, of course, it offers text design and font options to include in your design.