How to Trust an App on iPhone

Sometimes you just need to take the leap

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Any app you download from the App Store has already been vetted and approved. That means that you can install it on your iPhone with nothing else required other than your Apple password or Face ID.

For software that didn't originate from the App Store, however, you'll need to first manually trust the app in order to launch it once installation is complete. This is often the case with enterprise apps, usually created by your employer for internal use.


Before taking the steps below, it's important to be sure that you actually do trust the app's creator as well as its download source. If you're uncertain for any reason then it's best to avoid trusting the app, as your personal data and iPhone's general health could be compromised.

Trusting an iPhone App

  1. First, download and install the app in question.

  2. Open the app by tapping on its respective icon.

  3. A message will now appear, informing you that the app's developer is not trusted on your iPhone. Select the Cancel button to close this message.

    An error message on an iPhone explaining the app developer is untrusted.
    Apple Inc.
  4. Tap the Settings icon, located on the iPhone Home Screen.

  5. The iOS Settings interface should now be displayed. Scroll down, if necessary, and select the General option.

  6. Scroll down again and select one of the following, with the option name varying depending on your iOS version: Profiles, Profiles & Device Management or Device Management.

  7. Located in the ENTERPRISE APP section will be a list of developer profiles for untrusted apps currently installed on your iPhone. Tap the profile name related to the app in question.

    Settings screen on iPhone of profiles and device management.
     Apple Inc.
  8. Select the button labeled Trust <Developer Name>.

    iPhone settings screen that allows you to trust an app.
     Apple Inc.
  9. You'll now be asked to confirm your choice, warning you about what it means to trust a developer's app that did not originate from the App Store. Tap the appropriate option to continue.

  10. Next, you may need to select the Verify App button if it has not automatically been done for you already. This verification can only occur while you have an active internet connection. If you're on a company-issued iPhone and are having trouble verifying an app, check with your administrator as there could be a firewall issue blocking the connection.

    Settings on iPhone that ensure you are trusting an app.
    Apple Inc.
  11. That's it. You're now ready to launch your new app!