Tips and Tricks to Win at 'True Crime New York City' on PS2

Use these cheats to get unlimited ammo, super cop, easy mode, and more

True Crime New York City

Use these cheats for True Crime New York City to quickly advance in the game and have a huge advantage over your competition. Grab the unlimited ammo and double damage, and unlock easy mode to fly through the game without hesitation.

True Crime NYC is an action-adventure video game for PS2 and other gaming consoles.

If NYC is the wrong True Crime game cheats list that you need, you may need True Crime: Streets of LA.

How to Use True Crime NYC Cheat Codes

To get started, hold down the L1+R1 shoulder buttons while you are on the CompStat/Map screen.

Then, enter any of the cheat codes below using the proper sequence described below the cheat, ensuring that you enter the cheat commands in the order that they're presented.

General PS2 cheat sheets can help you on PlayStation 2 and True Crime NYC.

True Crime NYC Cheat Codes

Unlimited Ammo

Circle, Square, X, Square, Square, Triangle

Unlimited Endurance

Circle, Square, X, Square, X, Circle

Double Damage

X, X, Square, X, X, X

Super Cop

Triangle, X, Triangle, X, Triangle, Triangle

Ultra Easy Mode

Circle, Square, X, X, Triangle, Circle

Unlock Redman Gone Wild Mini-Game

Triangle, X, X, Circle, Triangle, Square

Unlock All Street Races

Triangle, Triangle, X, X, Triangle

Unlock All Street Fights

Square, Square, Circle, Circle, Square

UnlockĀ Puma Outfit at Puma Store

Triangle, X, Circle, Square

Unlock All Music

O, Square, O, Square

Get a Million Dollars

Square, Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square

Make City Crime Ridden

X, Square, X, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle

Make Marcus Appear To Have No Limbs

Circle, Triangle, Square, X, Square, X