Troubleshooting Samsung Cameras

Solutions for some of the most common problems

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You may experience a problem with your Samsung camera that doesn't result in an error message or another easy-to-follow clue. But, before you turn the camera over to Samsung for repairs, use these tips to troubleshoot the issue and potentially solve the problem yourself.

Common Samsung Digital Camera Problems

Here are some common issues that plague Samsung's digital cameras, along with some tips on how to solve them.

Camera Powers Off After Three Beeps

This problem is usually related to an empty or low charge battery. If the problem persists after the battery is fully charged, the camera may need a repair center. It's also possible the rechargeable battery is simply worn out, leaving it unable to power the camera for more than a few minutes. Purchasing another battery may fix this problem.

Camera Won't Power On

If the camera won't turn on, first make sure the battery is fully charged and it's inserted correctly. Otherwise, remove the battery and memory card for at least 15 minutes before trying to power the camera on again. If it still won't power on, it may need a repair center.

Firmware Upgrades

If your Samsung camera won't work with Windows 10 after it worked OK with previous versions of Windows, you may need a firmware upgrade. Visit the Samsung support website, find your model, and download the latest firmware and drivers.

If you have an older model, software and firmware updates might not be available.

Horizontal Lines on LCD

If you have multiple lines on the camera's LCD when reviewing photos, you may have a defective display screen or a defective lens. If the horizontal lines remain in the photos after you download and view them on a computer, a defective lens is a likely culprit. The camera needs a repair center. If the photos don't have the lines when viewed on a computer, the camera's LCD may be defective. This commonly happens after the camera is dropped, as it may suffer internal damage.

Image Saving Errors

One common problem you find with almost any brand of camera, including Samsung cameras, is the inability to save photos to the memory card. Often, these types of errors are related to the memory card itself. Either try a different card or make sure the card's write-protect switch isn't engaged. You also may have to format the card to allow it to work properly with your particular device.

Keep in mind formatting a memory card erases all photos stored on it. Backup your images first.

The Lens Is Stuck Open

When the lens sticks while retracting or extending, it's possible the battery doesn't have enough power to move the lens. Try recharging the battery. If the lens still sticks, try pressing the Play button on the back of the camera, which should reset the lens. You also need to check the area around the lens housing for any grime or debris that could be causing it to get stuck in place. If you see grime, you can use a microfiber cloth to remove it. If you can't find any specific reason why the lens is sticking, the camera may need repair.

Losing Audio During Video Mode

You may lose the ability to record audio when moving the zoom lens while shooting video with Samsung cameras. There is no "fix" for this, outside of not using the zoom lens while shooting video.

Seeing an Error Message

When you see an error message displayed on your Samsung camera's screen, look through the user guide for a list of error messages and potential solutions. Most of the time, you can find the error message table toward the end of the guide.

White Dots on Images

Ghostly white dots in an image usually occur because the flash strikes dust particles hanging in the air. Turn off the flash and activate dual image stabilization on your Samsung camera.

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