Troubleshooting Casio Cameras

casio camera troubleshooting

Daniel Grizelj / Getty Images

While Casio is no longer in the business of manufacturing Exilim digital cameras, plenty of people still use this brand of camera. So naturally, they're going to need to be able to troubleshoot a Casio camera on occasion.

You may experience problems with your Casio camera from time to time that don't result in any error messages or other easy-to-follow clues as to the problem. Troubleshooting such problems can be a little tricky. Use these tips to give yourself a better chance to troubleshoot a Casio camera.

Camera Will Not Power up or Shuts off Unexpectedly

With most Casio cameras, the camera will automatically power down after a certain amount of inactive time, usually a few minutes. Through the camera's menu, depending on the model, you should be able to extend the amount of time or even turn off this feature. If the camera still will not stay on or power on as you want, check the battery. If it is inserted incorrectly, is drained of power, or has dirty contact points, the camera may not work properly. Finally, Casio says a rare cause of this problem could be an overheated camera. Allow the camera to cool down for at least 15 minutes before trying to operate it again.

Camera Will Not Power Down

With this problem, the best solution is to remove the battery for at least 15 minutes and then reinsert it. The camera should begin behaving normally again.

Camera Does Not Focus Properly

First, make sure the subject is in the center of the frame (usually marked by a small rectangle as you preview the photo before shooting). Make sure the lens is clean, too; if the lens is smudged, it may create out of focus photos. Finally, Casio says cameras will sometimes have difficulty focusing on very shiny subjects, low contrast subjects, or subjects that are strongly backlit. Shoot such subjects with care.

Photos Have a Vertical Line in Them 

If the subject is brightly lit, Casio says its cameras sometimes have a CCD image sensor issue that causes the vertical line. Try to position the subject so the light isn't quite as bright.

Colors Are Not Realistic

Casio says its cameras sometimes have problems reproducing color accurately when a bright light is shining directly into the lens. Change your angle of photography to prevent the bright light from shining directly into the lens. In addition, make sure you have the correct scene mode setting for the type of photo you're shooting.

If none of these tips to troubleshoot Casio cameras seem to work for your model, you may need to send the camera to a repair center. Just be sure to weigh the cost of a repair versus the cost of replacing your old Casio camera with a new brand and model!