How to Trim Video in Windows 10

Easily clip out what you don't need

What to Know

  • Photos app: Select video > Edit & Create > Trim > make a selection > Save a copy. Doing this doesn't affect the original file.
  • Trim multiple segments: Click Select > pick the source video > New video > New video project > name it > OK.
  • Select the video from the Storyboard section > Split > and follow the Trim Multiple Segments instructions below.

This article explains how to use the Photos app to trim videos in Windows 10. We also recommend other free software if you need an advanced video trimmer.

How to Trim Video in Windows 10

The Photos app is your best option if you're not interested in downloading something new. It's built-in to Windows 10 and is really easy to use.

Follow this first set of directions if you need to trim the beginning and/or end of the video. To cut out more than one part, use the advanced steps toward the bottom of this page.

Trim One Segment

This is ideal if you just need to cut out some unnecessary video at the start or end.

  1. Open Photos. You can find it through the search bar if you don’t have a shortcut readily available.

    Photos app listed in the Windows 10 search results
  2. Choose the video you want to trim. Selecting Folders at the top lets you browse through any folder you want.

    Video listed in the Folders screen of the Windows 10 Photos app
  3. Select Edit & Create > Trim.

    Trim button in the Edit and Create menu of the Windows 10 Photos app
  4. Drag the left and/or right circular buttons along the progress bar to choose a segment from the video. Everything within the two white buttons will be what is saved to a new video in the next step; everything else will be cut from the video.

    The gray button above the selection can be dragged around as well if you want to preview a different part of the video.

  5. Select Save a copy. The portion you trimmed will be exported to a new file, saved to the same location as the original with _Trim appended to its name, and then opened automatically.

    Trim buttons surrounding a clipped portion of a video in the Photos app

Trim Multiple Segments

Follow these steps if there are several places in the video that you need to cut out.

  1. Open the Photos app by searching for it from the search bar near the Start menu.

  2. Choose Select.

    Select button in the Photos app
  3. Select the source video. If you don't see the video you need to trim, choose Import to bring it into the app.

    Video selected in the Windows 10 Photos app
  4. Choose New video > New video project.

    New video menu options in Windows 10 Photos app
  5. Give the project a name when you see that prompt, and then select OK.

  6. Select the video from the Storyboard section at the bottom, and choose Split from the menu above it.

    Video listed in Storyboard section of Windows 10 Photos app
  7. Drag the button through the progress bar until you reach a point where you want the video to split. This will create two separate video clips that we can edit more in a moment.

    In our example, we want to start by separating the beginning part from when the opening credits start, since we plan to erase everything that comes before the starting credits. So we'll drag the button to the moment the credits begin. You can see on the right panel each clip's duration as you adjust the button.

    Select Done when you've decided.

    Video preview using the Split option in the Photos app for Windows 10
  8. Both clips are now positioned in the Storyboard section. Choose which one you want to split again and repeat step 7.

    Since our next step is to erase part of the end credits, but not the whole section, we need to split the video right when they start.

    Video preview in the Photos app with clip duration to the right
  9. Continue splitting your video clips as needed by repeating the previous steps. You can also use the Trim button on any clip and rearrange the items by dragging them through the Storyboard.

  10. When you're finished, select the clips you don't want as part of the final video, and use the trash button to delete them.

    Video preview with clips listed in the Storyboard part of the Photos app
  11. Preview the full video by selecting the first clip and using the play button from the preview area. If something isn't right, use the undo button at the top to make changes.

  12. Select Finish video, choose a quality option, and then choose Export.

    Finish your video prompt with video quality options
  13. Decide where to save the video and what to name the file, and then select Export again.

Other Ways to Trim Videos

Windows' built-in video trimmer is fine, but there are loads of other options if you need them, on Windows and other platforms.

For example, if you created the video on your Android, you don't need to copy it to your computer just to trim it; there are video editing apps for Android for that. You can edit videos on iPad, too, as well as use the iPhone's built-in video editor.

Whether you use Windows, Mac, or Linux, take a look at these open source video editing programs for some options. There are also online services that can do the job: Online-Video-Cutter and Kapwing are a few examples.

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