TreeSize Free v4.6.3

A full review of TreeSize Free, a free disk space analyzer

As a free disk space analyzer tool, TreeSize Free can help you quickly determine what's using up all your hard drive storage.

TreeSize Free uses a familiar folder interface to help you sort through the largest folders and files on your computer. It can search through entire flash drives, internal hard drives, network drives, and external hard drives, or you can use it to analyze just a single folder from within those storage mediums.

TreeSize Free v4.0.0 in Windows 8
What We Like
  • Supports several different sorting options.

  • Can scan for large files in internal and external hard drives.

  • Size units can be changed between GB, MB, and KB.

  • A portable version is available on the download page.

What We Don't Like
  • Supports Windows only.

  • The filter feature isn't very helpful.

  • Infrequent program updates.

This review is of TreeSize Free v4.6.3, which was released on December 23, 2022.

Our Thoughts on TreeSize Free

We like TreeSize because, unlike in Windows Explorer, you can easily tell which folders are larger than other folders, and which files in those folders are the largest and smallest. This is the core reason you're wanting a disk analyzer, so in that sense, this program does well exactly what you expect it to do.

However, some disk analyzers have other features that set them apart from TreeSize Free. Although the tree view you're given here is useful, sometimes it's easier to understand the results if you have a different perspective. For example, other disk analyzers might list out the file extensions that are taking up the most disk space, which quickly gives you an idea of what types of files you might want to avoid, or store elsewhere, to prevent cluttering up a hard drive.

The ability to filter the results in TreeSize is a really neat idea so that it isn't cluttered with irrelevant information, but that's just the thing: all the results are still shown. What we mean by this is that even if you filter the results to show just ISO files, for example, all the folders that don't have ISO images in them will still display in the results, which doesn't seem very helpful.

Regardless of the couple of things we don't like, we think it's much more useful in determining which folders and files are hogging disk space than what's offered in Windows. Plus, there's a portable version of this program so you can use it without installation and take it with you on flash drives and other portable devices.

More on TreeSize Free

  • Windows XP through Windows 10 are supported.
  • Displays results in a structure similar to Windows Explorer.
  • Can change the results to see a TreeMap version, giving you more of a perspective of the size difference between the subfolders.
  • Folders can be sorted by size, total percent of space occupied in relation to other times under the same parent drive/folder, last modified date, and the total number of folders/files it contains.
  • The largest folders under any parent folder are easily identifiable with the highlight behind their text (this color can be changed in the settings).
  • Values can be shown in KB, MB, or GB; the Automatic Units option changes the unit used for each file/folder based on its size for easier reading.
  • A filtering option can exclude or include results based on a certain pattern; for example, you can include ISO files only so that you can remove all other file types from being displayed in the program.
  • The results can be printed off.
  • A PDF can be made of the results.
  • The interface can be changed to better support touch devices.
  • Context menu supports means you can open TreeSize Free to any folder or drive through Windows Explorer.
  • You can open or delete any file or folder that shows up in the results.

You can download TreeSize Free below but also check out our review of WinDirStat, another great option that you might prefer, depending on what you're after.

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