How to Create a Travel Tech Arsenal

Never be without the tech you need

Technology has transformed how we travel with new innovations solving almost every problem frequent flyers had experienced in the past.

Here are seven high tech products that can not only improve your productivity while traveling but can also make your trip much more comfortable and enjoyable.

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USB Electric Toothbrush: Keep Brushing While On The Road

Philips' DiamondClean Smart toothbrush charging via USB.


Electric toothbrushes are a fantastic way to keep your teeth and gums healthy but one of the problems with many models is that they won't charge when used overseas even if a power adapter is being used. This is due to the different wattage levels used in different regions.

A solution to this problem is to get an electric toothbrush that charges via USB such as Philips' DiamondClean Smart model. This modern toothbrush uses a micro USB cable for charging and also comes with a travel case that functions as a wireless charging battery pack.

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Noise-Cancelling Headphones: Protect Your Hearing

Man wearing Bose noise-cancelling headphones while travelling.


Noise-cancelling headphones are now commonplace amongst frequent flyers for two good reasons; they allow you to hear the media you're listening to during a flight without having to pump up the volume and they block out the majority of the airplane's ambient sound which can potentially damage your hearing.

Bose's premium noise-cancelling headphones are an increasingly popular choice with travellers but there are a range of cheaper options worth having a look at as well if you're on a budget.

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Power Adapter, Cables, and Battery Packs: Charge Your Phone Anywhere

Man charging his phone with a USB cable and battery pack.


Whether you're traveling with several smart devices or just your smartphone, you need to think about charging while traveling in a foreign city and during layovers at airports.

Investing in a power adapter that supports sockets from various regions is a must-have. A USB charging cable is also recommended as one will be able to charge your devices at most airports and, if you lose your power adapters, can also be used to charge electronics by connecting one end to a computer.

Another solid investment idea when it comes to powering your devices is a solar powered battery pack. These are relatively affordable nowadays and will come in real handy when you're unable to find a power socket or find yourself in the middle of nowhere.   

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Digital Copies of ID: Create That Cloud Backup Today

A man and woman using Google Drive and the cloud to sync files between a computer and a smartphone
Google Drive can save data to the cloud and sync files across devices.

Westend61 / Brand X Pictures


While a photo of your passport or drivers licence may not help you much at the airport, keeping a copy of your ID on your smartphone could really come in handy if you're ever asked to prove your identity while traveling abroad.

Of course, it's always best to carry your ID with you but a digital copy could really save your skin if the original gets stolen or you're in a place like a bar or club that gets raided by police.

Tip: Take a photo of each side of your ID card, a photo of your photo and visa pages of your passport, and a selfie of you holding each form of ID in your hands. Once the photos are taken, upload them to a cloud service such as Evernote, OneDrive, or Dropbox for easy access in case you lose your smartphone.

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Portable Wi-Fi: For Staying Connected

Asian businessman on a business trip checking his phone with portable wi-fi.

 Hero Images / Hero Images

If you're traveling abroad, odds are that you'll need to access the internet to check email, post on social media, or check directions on Google Maps. Renting a SIM card is one solution but using a portable Wi-Fi device can often be much cheaper in addition to offering you faster connection speeds as well.

Portable Wi-Fi devices can often be rented from shops at international airports upon arrival and are especially recommended if traveling to countries like Japan or Australia which are notorious for confusing or outdated internet services.

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Tracking Tags: Find Your Lost Bags

Tile GPS tracking tag on a camera


There's nothing worse than losing your belongings while traveling. Especially if you're exploring a foreign country. One way to prevent this from happening is to use smart tags such as the ones made by Tile or TrackR.

These small devices clip onto your bags, wallet, keychain, and even your passport and use a smartphone app to pinpoint the exact location of missed items and display it on a map.

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Aroma Diffuser: Combat Dry Hotel Room Air

Mobile-Mini Wireless Rechargeable Nebulizing Diffuser for Aromatherapy by Organic Aromas

 Organic Aromas

Hotel rooms, and even some AirBNB locations, can be incredibly dry. This dryness can negatively affect your skin, cause you to lose your voice, and even increase the chance of getting sick.

One way to combat dry air while traveling is to pack a portable humidifier or aroma diffuser. Brands that use ultrasonic technology are typically recommended as they require very little cleaning and don't result in moisture build-up on surfaces. MUJI's aroma diffuser works very well and can be left to run on its own for three hours or so. The diffuser by Organic Aromas is pricier but is completely plastic-free and charges via USB which is ideal for when traveling internationally.

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