Top 7 Transportation Sims

Build your own transportation system with simulation games

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Transportation simulation video games exploded in popularity in the late '90s and early '00s. They deal with either public or private systems and cover a variety of transportation modes, including cars, air traffic control, planes, and trains.

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'Railroad Tycoon II'

"Railroad Tycoon II," the first sequel to the original "Railroad Tycoon,"is a complex and challenging transportation sim about building and managing a railroad. Strategy fans will enjoy trying new strategies and discovering which works best.

Players are in charge of more than 50 train engines from around the world and over 30 types of cargo cars.

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'Railroad Tycoon 3'

"Railroad Tycoon 3" offers an improved user interface to players of its predecessor "Railroad Tycoon 2." 3D graphics make their appearance in the series for the first time. Players are challenged to build a successful railroad industry and exploit the stock market while playing through 25 scenarios. This big budget entry in the Railroad Tycoon series is a worthy addition to any transportation sim enthusiast.

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'ATC Simulator'

"ATC Simulator" has everything you need to experience the job of an air traffic controller. The graphics are not fancy because they represent actual maps used by ATCs. The sound consists of beeps and voices of pilots, but the experience feels authentic and is recommended for anyone who is considering entering this career field. This PC game doesn't require an internet connection to play.

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'Traffic Giant'

Concentrate on building a public transportation system in "Traffic Giant." With 25 types of transportation available to build and manage, you play to put public transportation on the right track with underground trains, trams, buses and more. The game includes more than 500 buildings, 25 means of transport, and European and American cities.

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'Rails Across America'

If managing and building empires is something you enjoy, you'll like this train sim game. In "Rails Across America," your job is to make decisions for a railroad company and build a successful empire. The timelines stretch from the mid 1800s to the near future. This is a real-time strategy game with hundreds of tracks and thousands of trains crossing the North American continent.

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'Chris Sawyer's Locomotion'

Based upon "Transport Tycoon," the goal in "Chris Sawyer's Locomotion" is to build a transportation system between cities. Transportation is not limited to only trains, it includes buses, ships, trams, and other methods. The graphics are a bit outdated, but the gameplay is addictive.

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'Airport Tycoon'

Design, build, and manage traffic in "Airport Tycoon." Choose one of 75 cities in which to manage an entire airport. You'll have to make deals with airlines, set up security, and manage traffic congestion. You are in charge of placing runways, airplane hangars, and terminals as you design your airport.