Top 5 Transportation Sims

Build your own transportation system with simulation games

Although transportation simulation games peaked in popularity in the late '90s and early '00s, plenty of people still enjoy sim games where you control traffic for trains, planes, or automobiles. You can play most of the best transportation games for PC on Steam right now.

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Best Classic Railroad Sim: Railroad Tycoon II

Railroad Tycoon II


What We Like
  • Challenging and satisfying strategic gameplay.

  • Detailed graphics.

  • Lots of variation in gameplay.

What We Don't Like
  • Can't save in the middle of a game.

  • No tunnel construction.

  • Not a lot of action.

Railroad Tycoon II, the first sequel to the original Railroad Tycoon, is a complex and challenging train simulator about building and managing railroads. Players are in charge of more than 50 train engines from around the world and over 30 types of cargo cars. The Platinum edition on Steam includes The Second Century expansion pack.

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Best 3D Railroad Simulator: Railroad Tycoon 3

Railroad Tycoon 3


What We Like
  • Four levels of difficulty.

  • Multiplayer component has built-in game browser to locate players online.

  • 3D zooms in and out smoothly.

What We Don't Like
  • Multiplayer mode removes Undo button and bulldozer tool.

  • Less focus on railways than in the game's predecessors.

  • Gameplay needs work.

Railroad Tycoon 3 offers an improved user interface over its predecessor, and 3D graphics make their appearance in the series for the first time. Players are challenged to build a successful railroad industry and exploit the stock market while playing through 25 scenarios. This big-budget entry in the Railroad Tycoon series is a worthy addition to any transportation sim enthusiast.

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Best Public Transit Sim: Traffic Giant

Traffic Giant


What We Like
  • Large, life-like cities.

  • Thousands of vehicles and pedestrians.

  • Fun to play as traffic manager.

What We Don't Like
  • Simplistic gameplay.

  • Repetitive soundtrack.

  • You don't build transportation systems (you manage them instead).

Ever wanted to be a city manager? You finally have your chance with Traffic Giant. The game focuses less on construction and more on the management side of running a public transit system. Traffic Giant includes European and American cities, more than 500 buildings, and 25 types of vehicles including underground trains, trams, buses and more.

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Best RTS Transportation Sim: Chris Sawyer's Locomotion

Chris Sawyer's Locomotion


What We Like
  • Superior strategic gameplay after you perfect the beginner scenario.

  • Lots of options and ways to complete tasks.

What We Don't Like
  • Almost a duplicate of Transport Tycoon with few improvements.

  • A lot of trial and error is required.

Based on the real-time strategy game Transport Tycoon, the goal in Chris Sawyer's Locomotion is to build a transportation system between cities. Transportation is not limited to trains. The game includes buses, ships, trams, and more. The graphics are a bit outdated, but the gameplay is addictive.

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Best Air Traffic Control Sim: Airport Tycoon 3

Airport Tycoon 3


What We Like
  • Contains features not available in its predecessors.

  • Design, build, and maintain your own airport.

What We Don't Like
  • Lengthy tutorial.

  • Lackluster visuals.

Design, build, and manage air traffic in this airport sim game. In Airport Tycoon 3, you'll have to make deals with airlines, set up security, and manage traffic congestion. You are in charge of placing runways, airplane hangars, and terminals as you design your airport. This version of the Airport Tycoon games adds a few interesting twists.

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