Translation Sites: The Best Online

When you need to speak another language, we've got you covered

Have you found something online that you'd like to read, but don't know how to read the language it's presented in? Free online translation sites on the Web have made it possible for Web searchers to read documents and sites from all over the world, in any language. Whether you need to interpret something in French, Spanish,German,Latin, or Swahili, you'll be able to do it with this list.

  • Lost in Translation. What happens when you run a sentence through too many language translators? Find out.
  • The Dialectizer. Instantly create parodies of websites in different fun dialects.
  • The Shizzolator. Apply Snoopp Dogg's shizzolating technology to your web page and see what happens. (strong language)

There you have it: All the sites we recommend for speaking or understanding another language. TMYK, right?

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