What Transformation Tuesday Means and How to Use It

A brief intro to this popular hashtag trend on social media

Transformation Tuesday is a popular trend and hashtag (#TransformationTuesday) that people use on Instagram and other social networks. You can think of it as a fun way for people to share more about themselves and the way they've grown or changed over the weeks/months/years (a.k.a. their "transformation").

How Transformation Tuesday Is Used on Social Networks

On Tuesdays, people are encouraged to post transformational photos of themselves on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and others along with the hashtag in the description.

A woman before and after makeup application.
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Many people create them in the form of a “before and after” photo, often using photo collage maker apps to break up the photo into two parts so that one side shows the before photo, and the other side shows the after photo. 

The transformation part of the trend is totally open to how you interpret it. Some people post photos of themselves when they were children alongside a photo of them all grown up.

Alternatively, someone might post a single photo without another side-by-side comparison photo and include a descriptive caption to explain how they've changed or grown over time. Others will share transformations of their own professional achievements, makeup/fashion makeovers, or current day selfies paired up with past taken selfies.

More examples of Transformation Tuesday posts:

  • A dog that was just groomed
  • A fitness or weight loss journey
  • A new hairstyle
  • New home decor
  • A manicure
  • Progress on an artistic skill

There are really no strict rules to follow. Communicate the message that something or someone in the photo has changed over time, it qualifies as a potential post for Transformation Tuesday.

The trend is almost as popular as the Throwback Thursday hashtag trend on Instagram. Both trends give users a good excuse to post more selfies, and we've seen hashtag trends like these make their way to other social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

The Difference Between Transformation Tuesday and Throwback Thursday

As of now, Throwback Thursday is still the big hashtag trend that reigns supreme, even blending in with Flashback Friday. Flashback Friday is an extension of Thursday's hashtag for people who love posting nostalgic photos or videos and reliving their younger selves' lives in their minds.

So, what's the difference between Throwback Thursday and Transformation Tuesday anyway? It's not completely clear since both trends are so open to interpretation, but in general, Tuesday's hashtag game is meant to focus on some change or progression. On the other hand, Thursday's hashtag game exists to look back and reminisce over fond memories that took place months or years ago.

Overall, it just offers a fun reason to dig around for stuff that's meaningful and engage with their friends and followers more often on social media.

Other Fun Weekday Hashtag Games on Social Media

Although the hashtag trends for Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday tend to be popular, there are hashtags trends that you can participate in all week long. Some days even have multiple ones.

For example, you might have seen hashtags for #MCM (Man Crush Monday) or #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday). Both are actually quite popular, and you can have a lot of fun playing around with hashtag games for each day of the week.

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