Transferring Files on Google Talk

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Google Talk Replaced by Google Hangouts

In February 2015, Google discontinued the Google Talk service. At that time, Google recommended that users switch to using Google Hangouts. With Hangouts, users can make voice or video calls and send messages and texts. The service is available on computers, smartphones and tablets.

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How to Share Files, More on Google Talk

While you IM with Google Talk contacts, you might find it necessary to share a file or photo with someone. With just a few clicks, you can now share files and more with your Google Talk contacts.

To transfer files on Google talk, with an active IM window open, click the Send Files button located near the top of the Google Talk window.

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Select Files to Transfer on Google Talk

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Next, a Google Talk window appears prompting you to select the file you want to share with your Google Talk contact. Select the file by browsing through your PC or attached drives, and then press Open.

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Your Google Talk Contact Receives the File

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Instantly, the file you selected to transfer to your Google Talk contact appears on the screen. Note that photos appear in their entirety within the Google Talk IM window.

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Text File Transfers on Google Talk

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Other files, such as a text or Microsoft Word file, appear simply as a thumbnail icon in the Google Talk IM window.

Google Talk file transfers do not work unless your contact is online. In that case, consider sending an ​email through Google Talk, in which you can attach your files for the recipient. 

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