Transferring Data to and from Your BlackBerry

Different Ways to Move Data On and Off Your BlackBerry

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RIM has made their BlackBerry devices more consumer-friendly by increasing storage and adding a microSD card to expand the total device memory. With a big enough memory card, you can use your BlackBerry as a replacement for your iPod, flash drive or portable hard drive.

Moving data to and from your BlackBerry has never been more important, and there are several ways to do it.

Store and Transfer Data With Your Memory Card

The easiest way to move data to and from your device is with the microSD card. If you have a memory card reader, just remove your microSD card from your BlackBerry and connect it directly to your PC.

Tip: Some printers even have memory card readers, or you can buy an inexpensive USB memory card that works like a flash drive.

Both Windows and macOS treat the memory card like any other removable drive. Once the operating system recognizes and mounts the card, you can drag and drop files to and from it just like you would any other removable drive.

If you don't have a memory card reader, you can enable Mass Storage Mode on your BlackBerry (choose Memory from the Options menu to change these settings). Once you connect the phone to your computer over USB, the operating system will treat your BlackBerry like a regular storage device.

Important: Your data might become corrupted if you don't disconnect the BlackBerry or memory card correctly. On Windows, choose Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media from your system tray, and select the microSD card or phone from the list. On macOS, to unmount devices, find the icon that's representing the device and then drag it from the desktop into the trash.

Use the Internet to Transfer Your Data

If you have a BlackBerry, chances are you have a data plan from your wireless carrier or at least access to a WiFi network. You can use this data connection to move files to and from your device wirelessly.

You can receive files as e-mail attachments and use them on your BlackBerry, or you can attach files to emails from your BlackBerry's memory or microSD card, and use them on other devices by sending the information as an attachment.

You can also save and upload files from the web using the browser on your BlackBerry. For example, if the email doesn't suffice for sending certain types of files, services like Imgur, WeTransfer, and pCloud can bridge that gap for sending images and other kinds of files.

Transferring Data via Bluetooth

Most devices ship with built-in Bluetooth. If you have a computer or laptop with Bluetooth, it's easy to transfer files between it and your BlackBerry by pairing the two together.

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on your BlackBerry, and make your device Discoverable.
  2. Make sure that the Serial Port Profile is set up for Desktop Connectivity and Data Transfer.
  3. Follow your PC's instructions for pairing Bluetooth devices. Once they're connected to each other, you'll be able to transfer files back and forth between your BlackBerry and your PC.