Using to Deliver Large Files

A Review of This Free Large File Sending Service

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imsis143-006/Getty Images makes it easy to deliver larger files (up to 1000 MB) to email recipients, and the files can even be protected with a password. Unfortunately, files sent through are only available to be downloaded by the recipient for a mere five days, and amenities like an address book, distribution lists and email program integration are not yet currently available.

Product Highlights

Other product highlights are as follows:

  • delivers large files via email.
  • Any file (or the total of multiple files) can be up to 1000 MB in size.
  • You can send any message and files to multiple recipients.
  • lets you protect the download of sent files with a password.
  • When sent files are downloaded, can send you a notification.
  • TransferBigFiles DropZone lets you send files by dragging and dropping them in Windows.
  • DropZone users can view a history of their sent files.
  • DropZone supports Windows XP/Vista.

How Can Work for You?

Files and the space allotted to email accounts have grown, but the maximum size of a single email that can be received often has not. As you try to send GB-sized attachments, you will often meet delivery failures and bounced messages.

One solution, of course, is to post the file to a server and then send the link. Compared to attaching the file to an email, this is an arduous task. makes it a lot easier, however.

Through a simple web interface, lets you send larger files to email recipients. does the work of storing the file on a server and emailing the appropriate download link.

You can pack multiple files into one delivery, but their combined size cannot exceed 1 GB. Using additional options, you can protect your files with a password or get notified when they are downloaded.

With so comfortable a service, it's a bit of a pity that does not integrate with email clients to make use of or at least mimic the normal attachment sending process. For Windows users, a system tray application called TBF DropZone allows for drag-and-drop sending. DropZone can resume uploads and keeps a history.

More annoying, at least to some, may prove the fact that files sent via are available to be downloaded for only five days (10 days if sent via DropZone). A sensible measure to be sure, but some people are notoriously slow to open their emails.


  • lets you email files up to 1 GB reliably and easily
  • Files can be protected with a password, and you can get notified when they are downloaded
  • supports multiple files and multiple recipients per email


  • Files are available to be downloaded for only five (or ten) days
  • You cannot submit files and emails via email, and has no secure web interface
  • lacks an address book or distribution lists