How to Transfer a Spotify Playlist to Apple Music

Move your Spotify tunes to Apple

What to Know

  • We recommend using the SongShift app (iOS-only) or TuneMyMusic, an online tool to transfer music from Spotify to Apple Music.
  • If a song or album isn't in the Apple Music library, you won't be able to complete the transfer.

This article outlines how to transfer music and playlists from Spotify to Apple music using the SongShift app and the online tool TuneMyMusic.

How to Set up SongShift for IOS

We're fans of SongShift because it's super simple to use, it's free, and you can use it with multiple music streaming services, not just Spotify and Apple Music. First, you need to set up SongShift so your accounts are synced and ready to use within the app.

  1. Download SongShift from the App Store and open the app.

  2. Tap Spotify.

  3. Enter your log-in details.

  4. Tap Agree.

    Steps involved in logging into Spotify via SongShift iOS app
  5. Tap Apple Music.

  6. Tap Continue.

  7. Tap Connect.

  8. Tap OK.

  9. Tap Connect under Connect iCloud Library.

    Steps involved in logging into Apple Music via SongShift iOS app
  10. Tap Continue and log-in.

  11. Tap Allow.

  12. Tap Continue.

  13. You're now good to go with transferring your music playlists.

How to Convert Spotify Playlists to Apple Music Using SongShift

Now your two music streaming accounts are set up within SongShift, you can start transferring playlists. Here's what to do next.

  1. Tap Next.

  2. Tap Next again.

  3. Tap Next one last time.

  4. Tap Get Started.

    Steps involved with traversing the SongShift tutorial
  5. Tap the plus icon at the bottom of the screen.

  6. Tap Setup Source.

  7. Tap the Spotify logo then tap Continue.

    Steps involved in SongShift to choose Spotify as your song source
  8. Tap the Playlist you want to transfer then tap Done.

    If you want to transfer multiple playlists, you'll need to purchase SongShift. 

  9. Tap I'm finished.

    Steps involved in SongShift app to choose a playlist to export elsewhere
  10. Wait a moment for the playlist to transfer.

  11. Tap on the completed playlist under Ready for Review.

  12. Check that the playlist has matched up with the previous results then tap Confirm Matches.

  13. Tap Continue and the playlist is now available through Apple Music.

    Steps in SongShift to confirm matches on a playlist conversion

How to Import Spotify Playlists to Apple Music Using TuneMyMusic

If you'd rather use a web-based solution to transfer your Spotify playlists over to Apple Music, or you don't have an iOS device to do so, TuneMyMusic is a simple and effective way of doing it. Here's how to use it.

  1. Go to

  2. Click Let's Start.

    The TuneMyMusic main website page
  3. Click Spotify.

    Choosing Spotify as your source within TuneMyMusic
  4. Log into your Spotify account.

  5. Click Agree.

    Agreeing to allow TuneMyMusic to access Spotify information
  6. Click Load from your Spotify account.

    TuneMyMusic website with transfer playlist dialog and Load from your Spotify account highlighted
  7. Tick the playlists you want to move across.

  8. Click Next: Selection Destination.

    TuneMyMusic with Select Playlists to Move highlighted
  9. Click Apple Music.

    TuneMyMusic with Select Destination highlighted
  10. Click Login to your Apple Music account and log in.

    TuneMyMusic with Login to your Apple Music account highlighted
  11. Click Allow.

  12. Click Start Moving My Music.

    TuneMyMusic with Start Moving My Music highlighted
  13. Wait for the playlist/s to move across to complete the process.

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