How to Use Clone Phone to Transfer Data to a New OnePlus Phone

The app was formerly known as OnePlus Switch

What to Know

  • On your old device, open Clone Phone. Grant the requested permissions and tap Start Migration.
  • On the new phone, open Clone Phone and tap This is the new device.
  • On the old phone, scan the QR code on the new phone's screen to begin the transfer.

This article explains how to use the OnePlus Clone Phone app (formerly OnePlus Switch) to transfer data from an old OnePlus device to a newer one.

How to Use Clone Phone to Transfer Files to Another Smartphone

Whether you're looking to transfer your apps and data to a new OnePlus or another Android device, the OnePlus Clone Phone app can automate the entire process.

  1. On both devices, download Clone Phone from the Google Play Store.

  2. On your old device, open Clone Phone. The app will ask you to grant the permissions it needs. Follow the instructions to enable the appropriate settings.

  3. Tap Start Migration.

  4. On the new phone, open Clone Phone and grant the requested permissions if prompted. Tap This is the new device.

    The app will generate a QR code that your old phone must scan to begin the data transfer.

    If the QR code doesn't work, the app can create an internet hotspot to facilitate the transfer. Tap Connect manually.

  5. On the old phone, scan the QR code on the new phone's screen or connect to the generated hotspot.

  6. Once both phones are connected, select the apps and data you want and begin the transfer.

    Settings, Start migration, and Scan the QR code shown on your new device highlighted in the Clone Phone app

Does OnePlus Switch/Clone Phone Transfer Whatsapp?

If used correctly, OnePlus Switch, now Clone Phone, will transfer the Whatsapp client itself without any issue. If that's all you needed the program to do, then you're already set. If you want to transfer all of your messages in addition to the app, then you should use Whatsapp's built-in manual backup system before switching to your new phone. The Whatsapp app can back up your messages through Google Drive, so be sure to do so before resetting your old device and moving to the new one.

Can OnePlus Phones Use Smart Switch?

OnePlus isn't the only mobile device manufacturer with an in-house data transfer solution. Samsung's Smart Switch is a popular solution when swapping to and from their line of devices. Though the Clone Phone (formerly OnePlus Switch) app doesn't interact directly with Smart Switch, you can use the latter program instead of the OnePlus app.

Is OnePlus Switch/Clone Phone Safe?

Protecting your data is an important idea to consider when swapping phones. As a localized application, the OnePlus Clone Phone app (formerly OnePlus Switch) connects your old phone directly to your new phone without having to connect to a third party's servers, so any data transferred should be safe from prying eyes. Once completed, it's good practice to completely wipe your old phone of any sensitive data before ditching it for your new device.

  • How do I turn off my OnePlus phone?

    One way is to hold down Power+Volume Up, then tap Power Off or Restart. If you want to turn it off with just the Power button, go to Settings > Buttons & Gestures > Press and hold the power button > Power Menu. To turn it off without the Power button, go to Settings > System > Power Off.

  • How do I factory reset my OnePlus phone?

    To factory reset your phone, tap Settings > System > Reset options > Erase all data (factory reset). Then, you can set up your device and restore your backed-up data. If your device is frozen, put it into Android recovery mode.

  • How do I root my OnePlus Phone?

    Before you root your phone, back up your data. Then, unlock the bootloader and install your APK or custom ROM. If you use an APK, download a root checker to verify that you rooted your phone successfully.

  • How do I unlock a OnePlus phone?

    All OnePlus phones come unlocked. If you switch carriers and need to unlock your phone, contact the carrier with the IMEI number. Each carrier has its own processes and policies for unlocking phones.

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