How to Transfer Data From PS4 to PS5

Move your PS4 games, apps, and more to PS5

What to Know

  • Go to Settings > System > System Software > Data Transfer on PS5. On PS4, select items > Start Transfer.
  • Or go to Saved Data and Game/App Settings > Save Data (PS4) > Cloud Storage > Download.
  • Or copy files from the PS4 to a USB drive and insert it into the PS5. Manage the transfer via settings.

If you’ve just upgraded from a PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5, you can transfer your PS4 save files and nearly any PS4 game to your new PS5. This article will teach you a few different ways to transfer data from PS4 to PS5 and make the process faster.

This article covers data transfers made after your initial PS5 setup. Your PS5 may present the option for a complete Data Transfer during setup, in which case you need to follow the on-screen instructions. 

How Do I Transfer PS4 Data to PS5 After Setup?

Whether you’re looking to transfer all PS4 data or specific games and apps, the process is nearly identical. The PS5 has a Data Transfer option in its Settings menu to allow you to import files from any PS4 on your network. 

Before you begin, you’ll need:

  • Powered PS4 with an internet connection.
  • Powered PS5 with an internet connection.
  • A TV or monitor hooked up to each console (you can still perform a Data Transfer with only one display, but we recommend two to avoid having to swap out HDMI cables during the transfer process). 

For faster transfer speeds, make sure you have both consoles connected to the internet with a wired connection. If a Wi-Fi connection is your only option, you can still connect the consoles with a LAN cable to increase transfer speeds. 

To avoid potential issues, make sure both the PS4 and PS5 have the latest system software before beginning any data transfers.

  1. Turn on your PS5, sign into your profile, and navigate to Settings > System > System Software > Data Transfer.

    Accessing Data Transfer feature on PS5 with System Software and Data Transfer highlighted
  2. Read the warnings and click Continue.

    Transfer Data warning screen on PS5 with Continue highlighted
  3. Turn on your PS4 and sign into the same profile. 

  4. Your PS5 will begin searching for your PS4. If it can’t be located, check that both consoles are connected to the same network and restart your PS4.

    PS5 Data Transfer feature searching for PS4 console.
  5. Once the PS4 is located, Press the PS4’s power button for 1 second until it beeps. You’ll have 5 minutes to do this before the process resets.

    PS4 console found using PS5 Data Transfer with message highlighted
  6. After the PS4 restarts, you should see a list of the console’s save files displayed on your PS5. Select the data you want to transfer by checking off individual files (you can also choose Select All if you prefer). When finished, click Next.

    Selecting PS4 saved data to transfer to PS5 with checkmark and Next highlighted
  7. Select any games or apps you wish to transfer and click Next.

    Selecting PS4 games and apps to transfer to PS5 with checkmark and Next highlighted
  8. The PS5 will display an estimated transfer time. Click Start Transfer to begin.

    PS5 Data Transfer estimated times and Start Transfer highlighted

    If the estimated transfer time is too long, hit Cancel to return to the previous menu and adjust your selected files.

  9. Wait for the transfer to finish. Your PS4 may continue to display a transfer notification even after your PS5 restarts, as the PS5 may require additional time to install game files.

    Do not turn off your PS5 or PS4 while the transfer is being processed.

What Is the Fastest Way to Transfer PS4 Data to PS5?

As a general rule, a wired connection will always give you a faster transfer speed than a wireless connection. However, if you’re looking to transfer PS4 saved data, it’s much quicker to download your save files from Cloud Storage than using the PS5’s Data Transfer.

Cloud Storage is only available with a PlayStation Plus subscription, so you’ll need to be a member to access this feature. However, even if you’ve used Cloud Storage on your PS4, there’s no guarantee all your save files were uploaded. You may need to upload them first.

  1. To ensure your PS4 save files are uploaded to cloud storage, select Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System Storage.

    Checking Saved Data in System Storage on PS4 with message highlighted
  2. Select Upload to Online Storage.

    Uploading PS4 saved data to Cloud Storage with Upload to Online Storage highlighted
  3. From here, you can choose to select individual or multiple files by pressing the Options button on your controller and clicking Select Multiple Applications. When you’ve finished making your selections, hit Upload.

    Selecting PS4 save files to upload to Cloud Storage with Upload highlighted

    Your save files may not be automatically available on your PS5 even after uploading them to cloud storage. To ensure you have access, you’ll need to manually download the save files to your PS5’s system storage. 

  4. Turn on your PS5 and navigate to Settings > Saved Data and Game/App Settings > Save Data (PS4) > Cloud Storage.

    Accessing PS4 Cloud Storage on PS5 with Cloud Storage highlighted
  5. Under Download to Console Storage, select the save files you’d like to move to your PS5’s storage and click Download.

    Selecting PS4 save files to download to PS5 with Download highlighted
  6. To ensure the files were downloaded, go to Settings > Storage > Saved Data in the Console Storage > PS4 Games. This will display all PS4 save files currently on your PS5.

    Checking PS5 console storage for PS4 save files.

How to Transfer Data via USB Storage Device

If you don't have Cloud Storage and prefer not to use the PS5's Data Transfer feature, you can also transfer save files via a USB storage device.

To do this, take a hard drive or memory stick with spare memory, insert it into your PS4, and follow these instructions:

Want to save time on data transfers? The PS5 supports all PS4-compatible external hard drives (HDDs). If you were using a USB HDD with your PS4, you can quickly access any games and save files stored on it by simply connecting it to your PS5.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System Storage and select Copy to USB Storage Device.

  2. Select the save files you’d like to move and click Copy.

  3. Once the files are finished copying, remove the USB device and insert it into your PS5. You will need to manually copy them over to the PS5’s local storage.

  4. Navigate to Settings > Saved Data and Game/App Settings > Saved Data (PS4) and select USB Drive.

  5. Select Copy to Console Storage. Once the files are copied, you should be able to access your PS4 save files on PS5. 

  • How do I connect a PS4 controller to a PS5?

    To connect a PS4 controller to a PS5, connect your PS4 controller to the PS5 console using the included charging cable. Press the PS button in the middle of your Playstation 4 controller to turn on the controller, and then choose a user. The controller is now ready for use.

  • How do I connect a PS5 controller to a PS4?

    You can't connect a PS5 controller to a PS4, but there's a workaround using Remote Play, which is a method for streaming games from your PS4 to another device. Connect your PS4 to a device with a DualSense controller attached (wirelessly or via USB). This can include an iPhone, Apple TV, Android device, Windows PC, and more. Then, you can use that DualSense controller to play games on your PS4.

  • How do I upgrade PS4 games to PS5?

    While you can play many PS4 games on a PS5, some games let you upgrade a PS4 game to its PS5 version. The game upgrade won't happen automatically. You'll need to navigate to the official game page on the PlayStation Network and select the option to upgrade to PS5.

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