How to Transfer Contacts From an iPhone to a Samsung

Sync contacts from Outlook, Windows, Mac, or Google

What to Know

  • Sync contacts to an iPhone compatible contacts app like Outlook, Windows Address Book, or Contacts app on the Mac.
  • Another way: Google Contacts. On iPhone: Settings > Contacts, set up your Google account to sync contacts. Use the same account on Samsung.
  • You can't back up contacts (or any data) to a SIM card on iPhone, so it's not an option for transferring contacts.

This article explains a few different ways to transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung.

How Can I Transfer Data From iPhone to Samsung?

If you're switching from iPhone to Samsung, you want to make sure all of your data makes the switch with you. Some of the most critical data is your contacts.

While this article is specifically about transferring contacts from iPhone to Samsung, it's probably not the only kind of data you'll need to move when making the switch; you likely also have photos, music, movies, and apps that you need to transfer too. Don't forget them before getting rid of your iPhone.

How Do I Get My Contacts From My iPhone to My Samsung?

If you want to use a computer to transfer your contacts from iPhone to Samsung, you need a little bit of free software (if you're going to use the cloud, skip to the next section). The software you need is:

  • Software to sync data from iPhone to your computer. On a Mac, that's Finder (or iTunes, if you're running macOS 10.14 or earlier). On Windows, it's iTunes.
  • An address book program that can sync with iPhone and Samsung. On Windows, try Outlook or Windows Address Book. On Mac, try Outlook or the pre-installed Contacts app.
  • Software to sync data from your computer to your Samsung. There are many options, but Samsung's Smart Switch app is an excellent place to start. You can also choose any number of other syncing apps if you prefer those.

Once you've got all the right software, follow these steps:

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB or Wi-Fi and sync the iPhone to your computer.

  2. Click your iPhone in either the Finder lefthand sidebar or at the top left of iTunes.

    Click iPhone to sync iPhone to computer
  3. On the iPhone management screen, click Files and ensure the Contacts box is checked. Ensure the drop-down shows the address book program you want to sync your contacts to before transferring them to your Samsung phone.

    Screenshot of the iPhone management screen when syncing
  4. Click Sync in the bottom right corner to sync your contacts to your chosen address book program.

  5. Disconnect your iPhone from the computer and connect your Samsung phone.

  6. Launch the software you want to use to sync your Samsung and your computer.

    The exact steps for syncing differ depending on what program you use, but the concepts are basically the same for all of them.

  7. In the section where you sync contacts, make sure the address book program you synced to from your iPhone in step 3 is selected. Sync your Samsung, and the contacts should transfer to the pre-installed Contacts app.

How Do I Transfer Contacts From iPhone to Samsung Without a Computer?

Want to transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung but don't want to use a computer to do it? The cloud can help. In this case, you need to upload your contacts from iPhone to Google Contacts and then download them from there to your Samsung phone. You'll need to have an active Google account, but if you don't, here's how to set up a Google account.

  1. Make sure the Google account is set up on your iPhone.

  2. Your contacts will be uploaded from your iPhone to your Google account.

    When you configure your Google account on your iPhone, make sure the Contacts slider is on/green.

  3. Set up your Samsung phone with the same Google account you created in step 1 and used in steps 2-3.

  4. Your contacts should automatically download to the pre-installed Contacts app on your Samsung. If they don't, go to Contacts > three-line icon > Manage contacts > Sync contacts. Confirm the correct Google account is set up and the slider next to the account is on, and then tap Sync.

    Sync contacts on iPhone by turning on Contacts of your Google account.

On Android phones, you can back up data—including contacts—to the removable SIM card. That makes transferring your contacts from Android to iPhone a bit easier. Unfortunately, it doesn't work going from iPhone to Samsung because iOS doesn't allow you to back up data onto a SIM card.

  • How would I transfer contacts from a Samsung phone to an iPhone?

    When transferring contacts from an Android phone, such as a Samsung, to your iPhone, you have a few choices. You can download the Move to iOS app from the Google Play Store and follow its instructions to transfer your contacts. You can also transfer contacts via the SIM card. To do this, open the Contacts app on your Samsung, then tap Settings > Import/Export > Export > SIM card. Then, put the SIM card in your iPhone. Another method is to back up your contacts to Google and then add the Google app to the iPhone and toggle on the Contacts slider.

  • Can I transfer contacts from a Samsung phone to an iPhone via Bluetooth?

    Yes. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on both devices and that they are in range and discoverable. Then, go to the Contacts app on your Samsung and tap More > Share. Tap the contacts you want to share, then tap Bluetooth. Select your iPhone as your target device to transfer the contacts.

  • How do I transfer all my data from iPhone to Samsung?

    The easiest way is to use the Smart Switch tool on your Samsung phone. To use Smart Switch via Wi-Fi, open Smart Switch on your Samsung and tap Open > Agree. Select Wireless > Receive > iOS. Enter your iCloud username and password and tap Sign In. Make sure the data you want to transfer is selected, tap Import, then follow the prompts.

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