Track UPS, USPS, and FedEx Package Shipping From Google

Stay on top of your deliveries with these Google tips

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As soon as you get a valid tracking number from UPS, FedEx or the USPS, type that number into Google for fast insight into your package's whereabouts.

Google Search vs. Carrier Tracking

Most carriers will send you an email with a link that you can click to open the carrier's website, if the sender of the package has your email address or if you have an account with that carrier. However, sometimes you get a tracking number from someone you may not know—for example, a seller in your winning eBay auction—and you should be hesitant to click on links in emails for security concerns. Pasting the number into a Google search bar (Bing offers similar functionality) saves you the potential risk of clicking on an unsafe link.

If your Web browser supports it, you may even be able to save a step to avoid the copy-and-pasting technique. Most modern browsers let you select and highlight your tracking number, right-click, and select the Search Google for option. You can also do this from your phone on Android. Select the text with your finger on your Android phone and then press your finger down by long clicking until the phone vibrates slightly. 

If you've entered a valid UPS, FedEx, or United States Postal Service tracking number, Google's first result will lead you directly to tracking info for your package. 

Google Assistant

Thanks to Google Assistant, a feature of modern Android phones, you can enjoy even more convenient package tracking. Sometimes before you even realize you've ordered anything! Google Assistant is Google's intelligent agent. Like Siri or Alexa, Google Assistant attempts to make sense of requests you make using normal conversational language. It acts as a more human interface for your machine and can understand things like context and idioms. So if you want to know where your packages are, you can just open Google Assistant and ask.

On Android phones, you can pick up your phone with the Google search widget showing and say, OK Google, where is my package? The OK Google part starts the Google Assistant search. Some phones may require you to tap the microphone icon to start the voice search, in which case the OK Google part is unnecessary. 

Google Assistant also tries to anticipate common requests before you make them. If you have a package, you probably want to track it, so if you received a tracking number to your Gmail account, you will usually see a Google Assistant card that lets you know when you can expect that package to arrive. Likewise, if you use a Wear OS (formerly Android Wear) watch, your watch will issue a Google Assistant alert with tracking information.