How to Track an iPhone From an Android Phone

Recover your phone quickly and easily with an Android device

What to Know

  • Easiest: In a web browser, go to, select Find iPhone, select your device, and select an option to locate or control the missing iPhone.
  • Next easiest: With Google Maps enabled on the iPhone, access Google Maps on an Android device and go to your Timeline.

This article explains four ways to track all currently supported iPhones on any Android device capable of running the apps mentioned below.

How to Track an iPhone With an Android Browser

Find My iPhone is a great tool for locating a missing iOS device. It helps to have another Apple device, but if you don't have an iOS or Mac computer, use an Android device. Before you can find an iPhone on an Android, you must enable the proper settings ahead of time. Follow these instructions to locate a missing iPhone with any Android browser app.

When setting up Find my iPhone, enable the Send Last Location option. This ensures a location can be determined if the battery dies. If your iPhone is running iOS 15 or later, however, you can still find its location even if the device is powered off.

On an Android device that isn't yours, run the browser in incognito mode in Chrome, InPrivate browsing in Edge, or the private browser setting for whatever browser you're using. This way, none of your personal information is stored.

  1. Log in to with your Apple ID.

  2. From the menu, select Find iPhone.

  3. Choose the device you want to find.

    Find iPhone and a device on an Android
  4. Select one of three options to locate or control the missing device:

    • Play Sound to find the device by an audible signal.
    • Enable Lost Mode to prevent intruders from hacking the device.
    • Erase iPhone/iPad to erase the device's data remotely.
    Options in Find a Phone on an Android
  5. If the browser is in incognito mode, log out of all accounts and close the incognito browser when you finish.

How to Track an iPhone Location With Google Maps

It's possible to track your iPhone with Google Maps, but success is not guaranteed. A specific setting must be enabled on the iPhone before it goes missing.

For this method to work, Google Maps must be installed on the iPhone and location access enabled. From the Google Maps app, select your profile image at the top and then choose Settings. Select Personal content and then check that your location tracking is enabled in both the Location Services and Location History settings screens.

  1. With Google Maps location access enabled on the missing device, open a web browser on the Android device and log into your Google Maps Timeline.

  2. Select the date your phone went missing and review your travel routes and visited locations.

  3. If you took photos on that date, the images appear in the timeline and indicate where you were the last time you used the device.

How to Track an iPhone With a GPS Tracking App

Using one of the best phone tracker apps with GPS is also a good tool for locating a lost or stolen iPhone. However, the app must be installed before the phone goes missing.

To be safe, use a GPS tracking app compatible with both iOS and Android, such as Life 360. Have a friend with an Android device install the same app and use the app on your phone to locate your phone if it's lost. Alternatively, log into your Life360 account from an incognito browser on an Android device to track your phone. Other tracking apps work similarly.

  • How do I add AirPods to Find My iPhone?

    After you set up Find My on an iOS device, the Find My feature is automatically activated for Bluetooth-connected AirPods. As long as you're signed in to your iPhone with your Apple ID, your AirPods will appear as a device in Find My.

  • How do I turn off Find My iPhone?

    To turn off Find My iPhone, go to Settings > tap your name > Find My Find My iPhone > turn off the Find My iPhone toggle. Next, confirm your password and PIN. Another option: Log in to iCloud, select Find iPhone > All Devices > choose your iPhone > select Erase iPhone.

  • How can I track an Android from an iPhone?

    First, set up Google Find My Device for your Android. Next, open a web browser on your iPhone and navigate to Sign in. Next, tap the Android's Location tab and select Directions.

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