Track Your Instagram Statistics with Iconosquare

The Tool That Helps You Get a Closer Look at Your Instagram Presence

Instagram Statistics
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So much happens on Instagram nowadays that keeping track of everything through the app alone can become difficult. Third-party apps and tools can help you get a closer look at what's going on by tracking your Instagram statistics in detail so that you can develop a clearer plan to ramp up engagement, market something or attract new followers.

About Iconosquare

Iconosquare (formerly called Statigram) is arguably the best service available right now that lets you track all your key metrics on Instagram, while also giving you the option to perform engagement actions like searching, liking, following, responding to comments and more right on its own platform.

For users who are serious about building a strong presence on Instagram and keeping followers engaged, Iconosquare is an extremely helpful resource that can give you deep insights into your data so you can see what's working, and what isn't. Lucky for you, Iconosquare is completely free to use.

How to Start Viewing Your Instagram Stats

Iconosquare must be used on the web. (There's no mobile app at the moment.) Head on over to and press the button in the top right corner to grant access to your Instagram account.

To get a look at some of your stats, click the "Statistics" option in the top menu. You should be able to see:

  • a summary of your posts, total likes received, total comments received, followers and following;
  • new followers and lost followers over the last seven days, including the number of followers your account grew by; and
  • your scores including "love rate" representing the amount of likes your content has received, "talk rate" representing the amount of comments you get on your posts and "spread rate" representing your reach to engage users who don't follow you.

Getting More Details from the Way You Use Instagram

In the left sidebar, you can see the last time your stats were updated and the next time they're scheduled to update. Below that, there are a few options you can click to see even more detailed information about your account.

Rolling month analysis: A summary of your content posts, posts that made the popular page, most liked posts, most commented posts, most engaged followers, followers growth and gained or lost followers.

Content: Details about your post growth, what day you post most often, what filter you use the most, how often use you use tags and how many posts have been geotagged with a location.

Engagement: A collection of your most liked and most commented posts of all time.

Optimization: A breakdown of certain trends you use when you post -- like time of day, hashtags, filters -- and how it affects engagement.

Community: A brief summary of who you follow and don't follow back, follower growth and user accounts you enjoy.

How to Interact on Instagram Through Iconosquare

On the "Viewer" page, you can scroll down a bit to see your feed in grid format featuring posts from all the users you follow. Use the Viewer menu displayed on this page -- the secondary menu from the top -- to get started.

Using the Feed: The feed basically represents the home page of your Iconosquare account, featuring your feed of the most recently posted photos and videos of users you follow. You can like any photo directly in the feed by pressing the heart button, or click on it to see its full size and add a comment. Use the layout buttons on the right to customize you grid view of your feed, and if you have your followings separated into groups, you can use the drop-down menu to see posts according to a group.

Checking out "My Media" to see your posts: Selecting "My media" shows you your profile and posts, which you can view in a variety of different ways. Use the buttons on the right to view your posts in grid style, in list format, in complete detail, by most comments or by most likes.

Tracking the photos you've liked: Instagram doesn't have an area in its app that shows you which photos you've already hit the heart button on. In Iconosquare, you can simply press "My likes" to see them all.

Viewing your followers: You can select "My followers" to see a list of all your most recent followers.

Viewing the users you follow: Click "My followings" to see a list of all the users you've most recently followed.

Managing Comments and Direct Messages

You can add comments to any Instagram post by clicking on it to view it in full on Iconosquare, but if you want a quick way to see all the comments you've received on your posts that you may have missed in the Instagram activity tab, you can press the "Manage" option for an organized list.

Switch between the "Comments" and "Private Messages" tabs to see your most recent comments and messages. For managing comments, simply press "View all" to expand the thread and reply. You can learn more about tracking and managing Instagram comments here.

The opportunities to improve your Instagram presence are endless when you know how to use the data presented in Iconosquare to your advantage. To find out more about how you can grow your account, check out these tips on getting more Instagram followers and these five new trends that are taking over Instagram.