Track Your Facebook and Instagram Stats with Iconosquare

Get a closer look at your Instagram and Facebook presence

So much happens on Instagram nowadays that keeping track of everything through the app alone can become difficult. Third-party apps and tools can help you get a closer look at what's going on by tracking your Instagram statistics in detail so that you can develop a clearer plan to ramp up engagement, market something or attract new followers.

What Is Iconosquare?

Iconosquare (formerly called Statigram) is arguably the best service available right now that lets you track all your key metrics on Instagram, while also giving you the option to perform engagement actions like scheduling posts, searching, liking, following, responding to comments and more all from one convenient platform. It can also be used with Facebook Pages too.

A screenshot of Iconosquare.

Instagram Business profiles now come with built-in insights to see your basic analytics, but Iconosquare will take you much deeper into analyzing your data.

For users who have thousands of engaging followers and a goal to make Instagram a top priority in their marketing and brand awareness campaigns, Iconosquare is the most essential tool to use to see what's working, and what isn't.

Is Iconosquare Free?

Iconosquare used to have a free version that you could use forever, but it's since switched to a monthly subscription model of at least $29 a month. You do however get to take advantage of a 14-day free trial to test out all the features first before you commit to a subscription.

You don't have to give Iconosquare your payment details before you sign up for the free trial, which is great if you don't want to accidentally forget to cancel and be charged when the trial is up. Iconosquare will simply notify you when your trial has ended and ask you to upgrade to a subscription if you want to keep using the platform and all of its features.

Getting Started With Iconosquare

All you have to do to get started with Iconosquare is navigate to, select the Start 14-Day Free Trial button, enter your details and then connect your Instagram (and optionally your Facebook) account. You'll be asked to confirm your account creation via email.

You can add as many Instagram profiles (as long as they're public Business profiles) and Facebook Pages as you want with your free trial. According to Iconosquare, it could take 30 minutes up to an hour to fetch your data.

In the meantime, while you wait for your account creation to be completed, you might want to consider downloading and installing the official Iconosquare mobile app for iOS or Android so you can prepare to access your analytics straight from your mobile device.

Switching Between Instagram and Facebook Accounts

If you connected more than one Facebook or Instagram account to Iconosquare, it's important to know how to switch between them. Iconosquare has made this super easy to do by providing you with profile/page bubbles in the top right of the screen Just select any bubble to go to the dashboard for that particular profile or page.

Iconosquare's Main Features

There's a lot you can do with Iconosquare, and the only way to really learn about them is by exploring and using the platform yourself. Here's a brief break down of the main features Iconosquare offers, which you can find by browsing the vertical menu on the left.

A screenshot of Iconosquare.

Dashboard: Get a quick glimpse of the most important statistics for your account by adding the analytics widgets that you want to see.

Analytics: Get an overview of your analytics or dive deeper into your engagement, community, reach, profile activity, stories and My Albums.

Publishing: Schedule posts, manage your media library and save captions and lists for reuse.

Conversations: Interact with your followers via comment replies.

Listening: Keep track of your mentions, your industry benchmark, your competitors, specific hashtags, feeds you're following and advanced searches.

You can manage your account settings and subscription plan by selecting My account at the bottom of the left vertical menu. If you have a question about Iconosquare or need extra help using any of the features, select Support & Tools from the vertical menu to search through FAQs, view product changes and take advantage of tools like the Instagram audit and Iconosquare browser extensions.