How to Track Flights on iPhone

How to view a flight's status on your iPhone

What to Know

  • Open the Messages app, tap and hold the airline name and flight number, and select Preview Flight.
  • Open Search by swiping down in the middle of your Home screen. Enter the flight number, tap Search, and view the status.
  • Use a third-party app such as Flightradar24 to enter the flight number, search, and choose the correct flight.

This article explains three easy ways to track flights on your iPhone. You can use two of iPhone’s built-in features, the Messages app or Spotlight. You can also look into a third-party flight tracker with additional features.

Track Flights in Messages on iPhone

If you’re sharing your flight number with someone via text message, this is a quick and easy way to track the flight. You can use Messages to see a flight’s status, whether you are the one sending or receiving the message.

  1. Open the conversation in Messages containing the flight details or insert the airline and flight number if you’re the one sending the text message. 

    The message should include the airline name and flight number or the exact flight number To obtain the most accurate results. For example, you can enter “Spirit Airlines 927” or “NK927” for the same flight.

  2. Tap and hold the bubble containing the flight information. 

  3. You’ll see a pop-up on the screen containing a map of the flight with options to Preview Flight for the status and details and Copy Flight Code if you want to paste the information elsewhere. Tap Preview Flight.

    Flight details in a Messages conversation
    Tap Preview Flight
  4. You'll then see the flight status along with pertinent details such as departure and arrival times, the duration, terminal, gate, and baggage claim locations as available.

    If you see dots at the bottom of the screen, that means more than one flight matches the airline and flight number. It's usually a future flight—swipe to the right to see the additional flight with its status and details.

    First matching flight details
    Second matching flight details
  5. Tap Done on the top right to close the flight details and return to your conversation in Messages.

Track Flights Using Search on iPhone

You can also use Spotlight to find flight information too.

  1. Swipe down in the middle of your Home screen to open Search.

  2. Enter the flight number or the airline name and flight number.

  3. Tap Search on the keyboard.

  4. You’ll see your list of results with basic information, including terminals, departure and arrival times, and the current status. To see more, select the flight.

  5. You’ll then be able to view additional information about the flight, such as a map of the plane’s current path, the duration of the flight, and the baggage claim location if available.

  6. Tap Back when you finish to return to the Search screen or Cancel to close and return to your Home screen.

    Open Search on iPhone
    View flight status or tap for more details
    Complete flight details from Search

Track Flights With a Third-Party iPhone App

Even though iPhone includes two handy ways to keep track of flights, you might seek additional features. You may want more search options, the ability to save flights or to receive alerts.

There are many flight tracking services and apps available for iPhone. The one you choose depends on the features you want. So let’s look at how to use a popular, free app called Flightradar24

  1. Open Flightradar24, enter the flight number into the search box and tap Search on the keyboard.

  2. You’ll see matching results in Airlines, Live Flights, and Recent or Scheduled Flights sections. Select the correct flight.

    Flightradar24 search
    Flightradar24 search results
  3. The section will expand to show details such as the scheduled and actual departure or arrival as applicable. You can also view the flight status, plane type, call sign, and airline.

  4. Tap Playback to see travel history on a map, Flight Info for additional flight details, Aircraft Info for equipment information, or Show On Map for a live map view if available.

    Flightradar24 flight details
    Flightradar24 Playback
    Flightradar24 Aircraft Info

Flightradar24 is available for free with optional in-app purchases for additional features. Basic features aside from flight tracking include real-time plane travel on a map, identification of flights traveling overhead, historical data, flight filters, and the ability to search based on flight number, airport, or airline. 

These methods for tracking flights on iPhone are the handiest you’ll find. But you can also use Google Flights to obtain flight details and statuses.

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