How to Track Your Flight Status With Google

Check on your own flight or that of a friend flight information search

Whether you are traveling for vacation or following the progress of a friend or family member who's flying in for the weekend, there's a quick way to check on real-time flight status using Google. Knowing a plane's flight status may not make an airplane fly faster, but it will warn you of a delay ahead of time.

How to Track Flight Status in Google

All you need to do is type your airline and flight number in the Google search box. Google presents information about the status of the flight in a graphic format.

The graphic includes:

  • Names of the departure, layover and destination cities.
  • Scheduled departure and arrival times in each city .
  • Terminal and gate number for each flight leg.
  • A graphic illustrating the real-time progress on flights that are between destinations.
  • Notification when a flight has arrived at a destination.

This only works with flights that are arriving or departing within 24 hours since airlines reuse flight numbers daily.

Google flight status

ITA Travel Software

Google uses its own ITA Software, acquired from the world's leading airline search company, for the flight data presented on its website. Google bought the company in 2010. Google also uses ITA Software to provide services to users who are planning trips on the Google Flights website (a flight booking service where you can shop for and purchase airline tickets) and to provide technology solutions for travel companies by delivering profitable e-commerce experiences.