A Tour of the Windows Store in Windows 10

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The Windows 10 Store

Windows Store splash screen

A lot has changed in the Windows Store since the last time we looked at it during the days of Windows 8. Most importantly, it's not just an app store anymore. In Windows 10, the Windows Store is your one-stop shop for apps (including games), movies and television episodes, and music.

The new Windows Store is far better designed than the previous version. It's much easier to get around, and there's no longer a need to interact with the always annoying Windows 8 Charms bar. Let's take a look.

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The Main Screen

The Windows 10 Windows Store

To get started, you'll find the Windows Store under Start > All apps > S > Store. When you first open the Store app the main screen shows selections from all parts of the Windows Store.

At the top is a carousel displaying whatever Microsoft wants to advertise on that day such as popular apps, hot TV shows, and major movies and games. Below that is the section with suggested apps based on your interests and past downloads.

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Standard App Store Stuff

The Windows 10 Store's standard categories.

Going down the home page you get into the usual app store sections such as most popular apps, top free apps, top free games, and so on. Scroll down a little further and you'll see new top choices for movies, music, and TV shows.

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Collections of Suggested Apps

Windows 10 Store's Collections

At the very bottom are various collections of apps such as tower defense games, social networking apps, and travel apps. These collections change from time to time.

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Content Pages

Windows 10 Stores's app pages

If you see anything you like click on it to land on that piece of content's page (be it an app, game, piece of music, or video). Let's say you chose an app. At the top you'll see the name of the content, its star-based rating from other users, and below that a description of the game.

You'll also want to pay special attention to this section for apps that say "Built for Windows 10." When you see this it means that the app was designed for Windows 10 and may also be available on other Windows 10 platforms such as Windows 10 Mobile or Xbox.

Next, we get to the buy or download button. If the app is free it will say so--otherwise, you'll see the price.

After that, you'll see the reviews section, recommendations for other content, and more information about the app.

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Going Back

Navigate the Windows 10 Store in the upper left corner.

From the content page, there are two ways to navigate to other sections of the Store. At the top of the window you will always see a menu with options for the home page, and dedicated sections for apps, games, music, movies & TV. Above that in the upper left corner is a back button you can use to go back to the previous pages you visited.

The back button will only be there as long as the Windows Store is open. Once you close it the Store resets to its default home page. In other words, if you want to use the back button to find something you were looking at previously then do it while the Store is still open. After you close the Store your chance to find it using the back button will be gone.

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Your Account and Search

Windows 10 Store's accounts section.

Moving over to the upper right side of the Store there's a standard search box where you can look for specific content. To access account settings and other personal sections of the Store click on your profile image just to the left of the search box.

This is a key section of the Store. The My Library section houses all the apps and games you've purchased or downloaded. To view purchased music or movies and TV, however, you have to open their respective apps--Groove Music and Movies & TV.

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Downloads and Updates

Windows 10 Store's downloads and updates section.

Downloads and updates is where you can go to manually check for and install updates to apps. The rest of this section is fairly self-explanatory. You have the settings area for the Store app itself, code redemption for special offers you might receive, account settings, payment options, and purchase history (the last four options actually take you out of the store and onto Microsoft's website in your PC's default browser).

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There and Back Again

The Windows 10 Store.

That's a basic tour of the Windows Store in Windows 10. And remember if you ever get lost click on the Home link in the upper left or just shut down and re-open the Store app.