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Welcome to the New Chatroulette

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Welcome to the new Chatroulette! The world's fastest growing free webcam site is in the process of updating its service to "experiment two."

But What's Forthcoming from Chatroulette? Keep reading to see! We'll update this article as screenshots and new features are updated while we wait for the new Chatroulette!

Chatroulette's Resizable Chat Windows

Chatroulette Free Webcam Site
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For users of the old version of Chatroulette, one of the most obvious and immediate differences is the Chatroulette site layout.

In addition to moving video windows to the upper portion of the page, Chatroulette users can also now resize chat windows to suit their individual needs. The Chatroulette windows are completely freeform, allowing users to click and resize simply.

The standard Chatroulette chat window is now nested at the bottom of the page.

Changing to the Next Person in Chatroulette

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Want to switch views to the next anonymous chatter on Chatroulette? Click the bar underneath the video windows to connect with a new person.

New Chatroulette Settings

Chatroulette Free Webcam Site
Chatroulette Screenshots/


users will also notice the addition of a settings bar, allowing users to switch their webcam and microphone settings, in addition to the audio volume input and output.

These new Chatroulette settings offer greater flexibility in how users are seen and heard (or not heard).