TouchCopy Transfers iOS Content to Your Computer

Use TouchCopy to Back Up Photos and Music

image credit: Wide Angle Software

TouchCopy does what it advertises: It transfers music, playlists, song data, messages, photos, and videos from an iPod, iPhone or iPad to a PC or Mac computer. It has a rich feature set that makes moving your files from your iOS mobile device to your computer easy.

When to Use TouchCopy

TouchCopy is particularly useful when you lose a computer hard drive or get a new computer, and it doesn't contain your music, images, contacts, messages, and photos. Just install TouchCopy and connect your iPhone or another iOS device to the computer. TouchCopy prevents the computer from syncing with the iPhone while the software is running and allows you to select the media you want to copy.

TouchCopy is also useful for making backups of photos, messages, contacts, calendars, and other data on your iOS device.

How to Use TouchCopy

After you download and install TouchCopy to your computer and connect your iOS device, the TouchCopy interface lists all the types of content that you can transfer from your iPhone, iPod, or iPad in a panel at the left side of the screen. Select a type of content, such as Music, and choose Backup All to copy all your music to your computer, or select only some of your music files and click or tap Copy to iTunes.

The left panel of TouchCopy includes listings for the types of content you have on your mobile device. Most iPhones, for example, contain categories for Music, Photos, Books, Messages, Calendars, Contacts, Call Logs, Notes, Voice Mail and other categories. Click any category to view specifics about the content in the main window. Make your choices and use the options at the top of the screen — Copy to PC, Copy to iTunes, or Backup All — to initiate a transfer to your computer.


Windows: TouchCopy for Windows is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, and Vista with Apple iTunes 10 or higher. Microsoft .NET Framework Runtime is necessary in some cases and can be downloaded directly from Microsoft. The installer tells you if you need it.

Mac: Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks or higher is required. MacOS Mojave is supported. An Intel-based Mac is necessary with iTunes 10 or higher.

TouchCopy works with all iPods, iPhones, and iPads and is compatible with all iOS versions including iOS 12. The software has been tested with iPhones 8, X and XS. All iPads to date are supported, and all iPods including the old click-wheel versions such as the Classic and iPod Mini. The iPod Nano and iPod Touch are also supported.

TouchCopy 16 is available as a free trial download for both Macs and PCs directly from the Wide Angle Software website. However, the trial is severely limited by restrictions. Purchasing a license removes all restrictions. Licenses are for a one-year rental or a lifetime purchase.