Toshiba Teases New Series of 144 Hz 4K TVs Designed for Gaming

No sizes or price points available yet

Toshiba TV has a new 4K set on the way, designed specifically with gaming in mind.

If you're looking for a 4K TV that will make your games look sharp and move smoothly, and you'd prefer that it comes from Toshiba, something just like that is in the works. Toshiba TV's new Z870 display has been revealed, promising 4K imagery with 144 Hz performance.

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These new Z870 gaming TVs are made up of a mini LED display that boasts energy efficiency, plus a number of picture-quality refinements. Toshiba stated that gamers will see more vibrant colors, as well as both dimming and backlighting improvements. Plus color, contrast, and resolution conversion enhancements made possible via the set's built-in REGZA chip. And, of course, the promised 144 Hz refresh rate for less noticeable delay between button inputs and on-screen action.

Toshiba Z870 4K display


In addition to the raw hardware, the Z870 will include what Toshiba calls "Game Mode Pro." This consists of several small features meant to provide more control over how your games are displayed, including an automatic Low Latency Mode for connecting your devices, a variable refresh rate for better display syncing, and options to reduce potential stuttering and image distortions.

The Z870 is expected to release later this year, sometime in July at the earliest. Toshiba TV has not revealed any dimensions or potential price points yet, but if it's anything like the company's other 4K offerings, it could vary from $300+ to $900+, depending on the size.

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