What Is the Search Engine Torrentz?

Torrentz logo


As of August 2016, Torrentz—a popular search site for torrent files—shut down and no longer provides service. However, because Torrentz was one of the world's most popular torrent-sharing services, it is expected by some torrent experts that Torrentz will most likely be cloned on another domain. That remains to be seen, as legal troubles have periodically followed Torrentz and other torrent search engines throughout their history.

It's not clear what prompted the site to cease operation. Some people speculate that the site was simply shut down, rather than being forced to close because of a direct legal action. Other torrent search engines or one of the top six torrent clients on the Web fill the gap left by the closure of Torrentz.

A bare-bones version of the Torrentz search engine (or a completely different site using the Torrentz name) re-emerged by early 2018. This version claims to have more than 31 million active torrents located on more than 125 million sites. The site is much different from its predecessor, although it does appear to have Google-powered search capabilities, making it a valuable addition to the torrents community. Access this version of the Torrenz through the website https://www.torrentz.eu.com/.