What Is the Search Engine Torrentz?

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Editor's Note: As of August 2016, Torrentz is shut down and no longer in service. However, as Torrentz was one of the world's most popular torrent-sharing services, it is expected by many torrent "pundits" that Torrentz will most likely be cloned on another domain. That remains to be seen, as legal troubles have periodically followed Torrentz and other torrent search engines throughout their history.

It is speculated that the site was simply shut down, rather than the result of a direct legal action, as per what has happened to many other torrent sites. If you're interested in more torrent search engines try looking at the Top Ten Torrent Search Engines, or the Top Six Torrent Clients on the Web.

More from Wikipedia on this:

"Torrentz was a Finland-based meta-search engine for BitTorrent that was run by an individual known as Flippy. It indexed torrents from various major torrent websites, and offered compilations of various trackers per torrent that were not necessarily present in the default.torrent file, so that when a tracker was down, other trackers could do the work. It was the second most popular torrent website in 2012 and again in 2015. As of August 5, 2016, the service has been shut down. The homepage describes itself using the past tense and its search functionality is disabled, leaving a message below the search bar: "Torrentz will always love you.


As of April 2018: A version of the Torrentz search engine is available on the web again. This version claims to have more than 31 million active torrents located on more than 125 million sites. The site is much different than what is described below, however, it does appear to have Google-powered search capabilities, making it a valuable addition to the torrents community.

You can access this version of Torrenz through the website https://www.torrentz.eu.com/.

Functions of the Original Torrentz Website

Torrentz was a torrent metasearch engine, meaning that it looked at dozens of different BitTorrent sites and search engines, bringing back results from all of them for a more robust search experience. Torrentz searched for torrent files from a variety of other torrent sites: uTorrent, Isohunt, Public Domain Movie Torrents, etc., and provided links to the torrent file searchers were looking for.

All files found using Torrentz are part of the BitTorrent file sharing technology, a protocol used to distribute big files to a large group of people no matter where they might be located. In order to find, share, or download BitTorrent files, searchers need to first locate a torrent client, then use Torrentz or another torrent search engine to find a file, then simply use the client's internal search and organizational capabilities to download the content.

Torrentz is organized into six distinct categories: All, Web, Movies, TV, Music, or Games. You can browse these categories by clicking on the tabs at the top of the page, check out the tags underneath the main categories, or sample the latest offerings by scrolling down the page.

If you see anything you're interested in, click on the link and you'll be taken to the site that hosts that particular torrent (remember, Torrentz does not host these torrents; it only provides links to them). Each link offers several different filters: you can order your results by relevance, date, size, or peers. Once you've found a file, click on the URL and you'll see a (potentially) long list of download locations where that particular file can be found online.

Torrentz Search Help

Torrentz offers quite a sophisticated search structure. You can frame your search query here several different ways, including:

  • Green widget - Search for green and widget anywhere.
  • "Green widget" - Search for the words "green widget."
  • Widget | Gadget - Search for Widget or Gadget.
  • Green widget -purple - Search for Green AND Widget but NOT purple.
  • ^Widget - Search for titles starting with Widget.

As always when discussing torrent technology, we suggest that you use caution and common sense. Torrents and downloading torrents is completely legal and a very convenient way to get large files to a large group of people; however, it quickly moves into illegal territory when dealing with copyrighted content (such as major films, videos, books, or other copyrighted, non-public domain materials). Make sure to double-check the laws in your local geographical region to make absolutely sure you are in compliance when using torrent technology and visiting torrent-based websites.

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