What Is the Torrentz Search Engine?

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Torrentz was a popular torrent search engine that let you find torrent files from several torrent sites at once.

The Torrentz search engine launched in 2003 under the URL Torrentz.com. In 2011, the official new website became Torrentz.eu after the .com domain name was seized by the US government.

The Torrentz torrent finder was the second most popular torrent website in 2012, and as such, several mirrors were created over the years to keep the website going should it shut down permanently, which it did in 2016. Even today, there are still active Torrentz mirrors that work just like the original website did.

Torrent downloading is completely legal in most countries, but not every file you get from a torrent is necessarily legal. It's really easy to infringe on copyrights while downloading music, movies, software, and other kinds of files. Be sure to know the laws in your country and research each file to ensure that it's in the public domain or that you have permission from the owner to complete the download.

How Torrentz Works

Torrentz is simply a search engine. Much like Google, the search engine uses your search term to locate the item on a variety of websites. If it finds something, it provides links to those sites.

Like a true search engine, Torrentz doesn't actually store downloadable files on its own server. This means that unlike file sharing sites, you can't upload data to the site nor download files from it. All you see on Torrentz is a list of website links.

In fact, the entire searching ability of the website is operated by bots. They query specific websites for the torrent you're looking for and then dump the links into the search results page so that you can go off and find the actual torrent file.

Some of the websites Torrentz mirrors are known to look through include the following:

Torrentz Mirrors

There are several web pages that show what looks to be Torrentz, and while some do work just fine, not all of them are truly functional as a torrent search engine

Working Mirrors

There are still copies of Torrentz living and working just as well as the original.

Soon after the Torrentz was shut down, a clone called Torrentz2.eu was launched. It calls itself a "successor and replacement" of Torrentz.eu.

You can also access Torrentz through these domain names:

The .onion link requires the private web browser called Tor Browser.

Non-Working Mirrors

The two official domain names for Torrentz (with the .com and .eu TLDs) are active but the search functionality has been removed. You can visit the websites but they're very much unusable and will display a message, "Torrentz will always love you. Farewell.", if you try searching for a torrent.

Here are some other Torrentz mirrors that used to work but don't any longer:

  • Torrentz.me
  • Torrentz.ch
  • Torrentz.in
  • Torrentz-proxy.com
  • Torrentsmirror.com
  • Torrentzeu.to

How to Find Torrents With Torrentz

It's incredibly easy to find torrent files online with a Torrentz mirror:

  1. Enter the name of the torrent you're looking for into the search bar, and press Search.

    Torrentz2.eu website home page

    There are several advanced searching capabilities you can use to get better results. You can see all of them on the Torrentz2.eu Help page.

  2. Select the correct torrent from the list.

    Ubuntu torrent list on Torrentz2

    Learn how to spot fake torrent downloads to avoid getting the wrong file and potentially infecting your computer with malware.

    As you can see in this screenshot, you can filter the results by the age of the torrent and verified status. You can also sort the torrents by peer count, rating, date, and size, and even subscribe to RSS updates for new torrents matching that search.

  3. Choose which website to download the torrent file.

    Ubuntu 19 torrent search results on Torrentz2
  4. Finish the download on the final download page.

See How Torrent Downloading Works if you're not sure how to get the files from the torrent onto your computer.