The 10 Best Kids' Xbox 360 and Kinect Games to Buy in 2017

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Kids love video games. And they don’t have to be a bad or a negative influence on children, either. We’ve come so far in the industry that games have been used in schools as a way of teaching, expanding one’s creativity and even trained them into becoming architects and designers of the future. Video games can also get kids off the couch and have them practice and learn new dance moves, solve complex puzzle arrangements, give them a sense of therapy and boost their concentration skills. 

Below, we've complied a list of the top 10 best kids’ Xbox 360 and Kinect games. But the games aren’t just for kids, as many of them on the are fun enough for you to join in on the good times and create a family bonding experience. So read on to see which are the must-owns.

The Sonic Ultimate Genesis collection is a compilation of some of the best SEGA Genesis games of yesteryear. You can show your kids the magic of the 90s and what you were playing when you were their age. Of the 40 games included, you can play such classics as Streets of Rage 2, Sonic The Hedgehog and more. Friends and family can play two-player classics together such as Golden Axe. Amazon users who’ve bought the game love it for its affordability and game selection. More critical reviewers don’t like the updated graphics.

Imagine cars on fire flipping through the air over semi trucks at an intersection in slow motion. That’s Burnout Revenge – a game where every vehicle on the road is interactive and you can play as wildly as you want. Burnout Revenge focuses on a blend of racing during rush-hour traffic and battling with other cars. Players use their cars as weapons by ramming into one another in attempt to get ahead. Amazon users love it for its variety of maps and game modes. More critical reviewers say it can be too intense for younger children.

Looking for a video game that encourages critical thinking and problem solving? Portal 2 is a critically acclaimed video game that introduces calm gameplay with fun puzzles involving teleportation. Over 2,500 educators across America have used Portal 2 by including it in their lesson plans. The “Teach with Portals” initiative was introduced by the game’s company Vault to schools as a way to teach students the excitement of puzzle solving and creation with a video game. Amazon users who’ve bought Portal 2 love it for its addictive gameplay. More critical reviewers mention that it might be too advanced for younger kids.

Is your kid a fan of Jurassic World and LEGOS? LEGO Jurassic World brings the best of both worlds by allowing you to relive key moments from all four Jurassic films reimagined in LEGO form. The easy-to-play sandbox video game features multiplayer, so you and your kid can enjoy escaping from dinosaurs and solving puzzles. You don’t have to be human, either. There is a wide selection of 20 different dinosaurs to play as, including T. Rex. Amazon users love that it’s an easygoing adventure game. More critical say the game can be a little buggy throughout gameplay.

The NBA 2K series is the number No. 1 NBA video game simulation series for the last 15 years and is also the No. 1 selling NBA game for the last nine years. This is the definitive Xbox 360 basketball game. NBA 2K17 has some of the best graphics that the Xbox 360 can handle. Its presentation is similar to actual NBA basketball games, featuring stadiums and voices from sports commentators. You’ll forget it’s a video game, and your kids will be entrenched with playing their favorite basketball team. Amazon users who’ve bought the game for their kids are impressed with its fluid gameplay and hyperrealism. More critical reviewers mention their dissatisfaction with the DLC add-ons and how rookie players in the game look generic.

Whipping out the actual hard copy of Monopoly takes time and can be messy. The Xbox 360 has its own Monopoly video game that allows for easy clean up, a simple how-to play tutorial and a four-player mode so the entire family can play. Much like the real-life version, Monopoly includes the realistic authentic classic board game with its iconic play pieces. Though the game’s objective and play style isn’t anything new, its intuitive control design and interface makes it easy for kids and parents to navigate through buying, selling and trading properties. Parents who’ve bought Monopoly for their kids love it for taking out all the real-life frustration of counting money, looking for property cards and keeping track of everything. More critical reviewers mention that the in-game character voices and animations can be annoying. 

Now you can have your own virtual bowling alley in your living room with Brunswik Pro Bowling. This game is ideal for family oriented gameplay as it extends to audiences of all ages with the option of kid-friendly bumper bowling. Brunswik Pro Bowling is one of the most realistic bowling videogames for the Xbox 360. It features motion capture and control capabilities with weighted balls and pin physics, as well as lane oil effects. The game includes a career mode where your kids can work from becoming amateur bowlers to professionals. Amazon users feel it’s a great fit for toddlers and parents who don’t want their kids to handle heavy equipment. Critical reviewers mention a steep learning curve.

Kinectimals is an interactive game involving adopting a virtual pet, playing with it and going on adventures. It opens the imagination for kids who want to grow more familiar with animals and training them. Children who love animals will love Kinectimals. The game starts off with picking and naming one of 20 different animals available, including a bear, cheetah and lion. Your kids can call out to their new virtual pet by name, teach them tricks such as fetch and roll over and even train them for agility courses. Parents who’ve bought Kinectimals love how the game encourages interactivity, exercise and a love for animals. More critical reviewers mention it’s more docile and slow.

Minecraft is the ideal game for any kid who wants to build virtually anything with blocks and go on adventures. Kids can explore randomly generated worlds and build everything from houses to skyscrapers. Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition features a tutorial mode that teaches the basics to master essential skills. In this mode, your children will learn how to craft and put together necessary things in order to complete objectives. Creative mode gives infinite resources to build your own dream world without any pressure. Amazon users love it for its encouragement of creativity. Critical reviewers say it can be boring and survival mode may be too frightening.

Besides getting the exercise from moving around, your kid can learn a new skill that will boost their confidence. Just Dance 2017 gets you and your young one off the couch and grooving to popular dances. If your kids are active, then this interactive rhythm based game will keep them busy, having fun and intrigued. The Kinect camera picks up their movements and a score is tallied based off how well they dance. Amazon parents who have bought the game love that it makes for a bonding workout together. Critical reviewers mention the song selection isn’t broad.

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