A Guide to the World's Best Laptop Bag Designs for Women

Stylish Laptop Bags Made Specifically for Women

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Gone are the days when a woman's only laptop carrying choices were either boxy black laptop bags or boxier black laptop bags. Today's growing range of designer laptop bags means that women can carry their notebooks in style, reflective of their personalities and tastes. Here are five brands that offer extensive selections of functional and stylish women's laptop bags. 

Mobile Edge

Mobile Edge Komen Milano women's laptop tote
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Mobile Edge is a leading supplier of laptop and tablet cases and accessories for both men and women. The company offers a full line of women's laptop computer cases in messenger, briefcase, tote, and backpack styles.

The Maddie Powers Collection was specifically designed for women. The bags feature original vintage magazine covers from the '40s and '50s and a velveteen back pocket.

The Caring Case Collection, also designed for women, benefits women. Mobile Edge donates 10 percent of the sales from the collection to the Breast Cancer Foundation. The fashionable pink laptop bags in this line all make a statement.


Coakley Travel Tote in Dark Red - women's laptop bag
Photo © Coakley

Coakley focuses solely on producing women's laptop bags. The Coakley bag is designed to cure "bag lady" syndrome, where women have to carry a separate laptop case, briefcase, and purse. Coakley combines the functions of all three types of bags into one stylish and professional bag. Options include suede totes and portfolios, ​tweed totes, leather hobos, and more.


McKlein 2-in-1 detachable Willowbrook wheeled women's briefcase
Photo © McKlein

McKlein produces laptop cases, briefcases, wheeled cases, backpacks, messengers, and checkpoint-friendly cases for professionals of both genders. They also have a special line of laptop cases designed for women, including a unique detachable-wheeled briefcase that is great for travel. Their cases are quality, professional women's totes and briefcases first and foremost. It's bad for your wallet that they come in so many colors. You may want to buy more than one.

Kailo Chic

Kailo Chic Casual Laptop Tote women's laptop bag
Photo © Kaily Chic

Kailo Chic produces designer women's laptop bags and sleeves, as well as other women's accessories and jewelry. The company's unique boutique-style laptop cases are carried by Staples, Office Max, and other major retailers.

Products from Kailo Chic can also be ordered from the company's website.


Sumdex She Rules Butterfly Metro Brief women's laptop bag
Photo © Sumdex

Sumdex is another major manufacturer of both men's and women's laptop cases. The company's line of ladies' laptop cases includes laptop totes, "Checkpoint-friendly" laptop bags. and backpacks that have a simple elegance and come in a variety of colors.

Most of Sumdex's bags are ordered online. However, you can find some of their popular She Rules women's bags on Amazon and eBay.