The 5 Best Wireless IP Phones of 2023

Say goodbye to the traditional landline

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The best IP phones work without any landline connection, offering good VoIP compatibility and connectivity. It's also essential for them to be easy to use, especially for adding and managing contacts.

We like the affordable Snom 3098 M9R because of its excellent balance of price and features, particularly the voice encryption for protecting calls over the internet.

Best Overall

Snom 3098 M9R



Released in 2013, the Snom 3098 M9R offers a terrific combination of price and features. Capable of being integrated into several different SIP-based IP services, the M9R can support up to four concurrent calls with the ability to connect to nine handsets in total.

While the M9R is designed to plug directly into a SIP-PBX integrated system, it’s not reliant on this and instead can be used as an internal intercom phone system. The handset supports more than 100 hours of standby battery time when away from its dock and voice encryption (TLS, SRTP, X.509 certificate) for protecting calls over the open Internet.

The M9R offers more standardized features, such as a mailbox for messages, call waiting, call hold, call bridge, and three-party conferencing. Finally, the 2.2-pound, 9.5 x 3 x 8-inch base station easily tucks away on a desk or a table.

Best Budget

Grandstream DP720 Dect Cordless VoIP Telephone



Grandstream’s DP720 wireless IP phone is a budget-friendly entry into the VoIP space and supports up to 10 SIP accounts per handset. The base station requires a separate purchase, but once you’ve acquired both units, you’ll find the Grandstream an above-average choice.

With a range of more than 300 meters outdoors and 50 meters away from the DP750 base station, the Grandstream is ideal for homes and small offices. The Grandstream also affords buyers more standard business-like features, including a speakerphone, three-way calling, a contact list, call logs, and more.

The full HD audio provides exceptional call quality, whether from the onboard speakerphone or the earpiece. Setup is a relatively simple process requiring a little Internet know-how to assign devices to users and connect directly to the Wi-Fi signal.

The overall build quality complements the budget-friendly pricing to make the DP720 a fantastic choice for homeowners or office renters who want something inexpensive and reliable.

Best Splurge

Yealink YEA-W56P HD IP Dect Cordless Voip Phone and Device



The Yealink YEA-W56P cordless wireless IP phone has more than 30 hours of talk time per charge cycle and 400 hours of standby time. The W56P can hold up to four simultaneous voice calls (with HD Voice), and including a 3.5mm handset jack will free up your arms and hands to perform other tasks.

The 2.4-inch 240 x 320 display pales compared to a smartphone, but that’s expected.

Beyond its display, the W56P can hold up to five handsets and five more VoIP accounts from the 5.8 x 1 x 4-inch, 1.7-pound base station. Additionally, it has many business features, including paging, intercom, auto answer, call waiting, mute, caller ID, and voicemail.

Best Design

Ooma Telo

Ooma Telo


The Ooma Telo offers wireless home service and billing and is a fantastic combination of attractive hardware without the standard monthly fees. The setup takes less than 15 minutes, and you can still keep your existing telephone number.

It has standard features such as caller ID, voicemail, call waiting, and 911, as well as PureVoice HD technology.

Beyond its feature set, the HD2 handset offers a two-inch color screen and picture caller-ID with the ability to sync pictures and contacts from Facebook, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Outlook, and your Mac address book.

The HD2 utilizes DECT technology, so you can count on superior call quality and security without interfering with the existing Wi-Fi network. DECT technology also offers an extended range away from the base, so you can freely move around the home or office without fear of losing a call.

Requiring only a high-speed, fixed-line Internet connection, the Ooma service has pricing options, including international calling, voicemail transcription, pay-as-you-go, and more.

Best Splurge

Yealink W60P Cordless DECT IP Phone and Base Station



The Yealink W60P is an upgraded model of the W56P. It has a DECT base can handle up to 8 handsets and concurrent calls simultaneously, making it a good choice for a business environment. The phone supports HD audio for clear wireless phone calls and has an 18-hour talk time and 240-hour standby time to ensure you get the job done.

An extender base allows you to scale up your phone setup to meet your office needs.

What to Look for in a Wireless IP Phone

Service compatibility - There is a wide range of VoIP phone providers to choose from, and the headset you are selecting must support your provider of choice. Whether you have Skype, Vonage, Google Hangouts, or another internet phone service, check the device’s specifications to ensure you can use the device with your provider.

Headset support - Will you be the only person using your VoIP phone service, or will an entire office need access? While some headsets offer expandability, others are locked to a single device. If you need multiple phones, check the maximum number of headsets a system will support.

Contact integration - Moving over your contacts to a VoIP phone can take a lot of effort, especially if your selected device requires them to be entered manually. Consider choosing a phone that supports advanced contact transfer from your smartphone or computer if you have a large address book.

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